Friday, October 31, 2008

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Trish over on "This'n That" tagged me. This is awesome, Trish tagged me to get to know me better. I had to go and read her tag so I knew more about her also. Thanks Trish. I hope this helps. So now I have to come up with 6 Random things about myself.

1. I went to Wapato, Washington to the Yakima Indian Reservation. Our Mission team went there and did a week Teen Camp, two different Summers. We had a blast and many lives were touched. I spent a week in New Orleans to help with the clean up after Katrina.

2. I love to decorate cakes. I have done many birthday and celebration cakes. As of my last count I had decorated 27 Wedding cakes. The largest wedding cake next to my son's which had 8 cakes, was my baby brother's, his had 10, with the stairs and fountain. I started doing birthday cakes for my oldest son when he was turning 3. I have did both boys cakes since then. I also helped with my Oldest Sons' Wedding cake. The Bride's Mom and I went together and did their cake. We made their flowers and decorations. What a lovely wedding they had. (I will post some pictures of a few of my cakes in a later post.)

3. When my oldest son Curtis was in 2ND grade I was his Tiger Cub Scout Leader. From there I followed him into Boy Scouts. At the same time I was my youngest son's leaders also. I helped with many Summer Day Camps and Webelo's Camps. I was the Round Table Commissioner for 4 or 5 years (District Position). We had many fun times. Husband Chuck was Cub Master for a couple years.

4. I love to have a vegetable garden and then can the rewards for the winter months. I can what I can put into jars, and then freeze also. I make homemade jams and jellies. Also fresh breads with Zucchini.

5. I am the oldest of 6 children, I have 2 set of twin sisters and one brother. My Mom has 6 siblings, one being a twin. My husband has 6 siblings and his Mom has 6 siblings with a set of twins.

The rules:
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

100 facts about myself

1. I love…fresh warm bread/rolls.
2. I have been...raising a Painted Colt for 3 months.
3. I have…two wonderful sons.
4. I like…kitties/puppies.
5. I'm scared of…snakes and spiders.
6. I don't like…the long Grey winter days.
7. One of my favorite shirts…is Lime Green
8. I don't shop in the mall unless…Paula is with me. =)
9. I am…outgoing
10. I like/dislike making lists; because…(dislike) I do things on the spur of the moment type of gal.
11. I like making people…home made items.
12. My sense of humor is…sarcastic sometimes
13. I ALWAYS cry when…I think of my sister that I lost to Cancer.
14. I hate when people…do not pay attention to me when I am trying to tell them.
15. I'm not necessarily…a frugal person
16. I like to draw, but…I can't
17. I don't have any living…grandparents
18. I like/dislike to save stuff…(like) because I might need it for something later.
19. I recycle…seldom
20. I like toilet paper…put on the roller with the paper coming over the top
21. I love candles that smell like…apples and spice, pumpkin, or cider
22. I've worn glasses since…I was 37 years old
23. The oddest thing I have eaten…frog legs
24. I eat salad…every time we go out..
25. Scary movies are…not for me, do not like them
26. One of my pet peeves is…People who use the Lord's name in Vain
27. Another pet peeve is…people that drive 45 on the highways
28. I make my bed…almost everyday
29. My memory is…not that good
30. I dislike socks with…that are made out of wool.
31. Books are…great sources of information
32. I like to imagine…that someday I will have a home instead of a trailer.
33. I eat when I'm…stressed/bored/or watching movies.
34. If I have a lot to do on…Monday's
35. I broke my…pinky toe once when I stubbed it on a heavy coffee table.
36. I get bored when…I can't get to my craft room.
37. I like to write…my thoughts
38. I had my ears pierced when…I was 12
39. I have a hard time…leaving Coke and Lay's Ruffle Chips alone.
40. My closet is organized by…search and find....needs some help.
41. Being busy makes me…Happy
42. I am a...Christian
43. I have…2 set of Twin Sisters, and one Brother.
44. I get…excited when I can help others
45. I avoid…Wal-Mart
46. I'm sensitive to…cigarette smoke and disapproval.
47. I sing in the…in my craft room, the car, at home
48. I do not get…to visit with my family like I should.
49. I drink…Coke and Green Tea
50. I wear…jeans and t-shirts
51. My favorite holiday is…Christmas.
52. I'd rather be…crafting then watching boxing/wrestling
53. My hair is…auburn but is lighter now that I have to keep it colored.
54. I like gifts that…are surprises or made by my kids
55. I like buying things for…my kids/hubby
56. I would rather sleep in than…hand wash dishes
57. I'm an emotional…wreck sometimes.
58. I am… a Happy Mom
59. I will never…let a animal go hungry
60. I don't mind…helping people.
61. I’m sure…that I'm going to heaven
62. I think it’s easy to…come up with a pattern when I want to make something.
63. Sometimes I think I'm too…sensitive (I know I am)
64. I tell…people what's on my mind
65. I hate being…sensitive!
66. I drink coffee…daily
67. I love teasing…Chuck and my Son Caleb.
68. I like when I have a specific…plan for the day and it happens.
69. I wish my life was more…exciting
70. Board games are…wonderful
71. I have lived in…Illinois almost all of my life.
72. Sarcasm is…a part of who I am
73. I have been to… The Grand Canyon.
74. I'm a…Country girl.
75. I enjoy teaching…crafts to others.
76. Cats are…good for mouse control.
77. I do not have…a lot of money.
78. My favorite color is…blue
79. Meal planning is…something that I am not good at.
80 My biggest fault is…that I like to shop and spend money that I don't have
81. Painted toenails make me…happy
82. I get embarrassed…when I have to talk in front of people.
83. I’m pretty good at…Decorating cakes and floral arrangements.
84. Walking is…is something I Love to do, but do not do enough of it.
85. I'm not very good at…saving money
86. My first memory is from…me being about 4 and living in Little Rock.
87. I keep friends for…a long time.
88. I am learning to…Let go of things.
89. I enjoy smelling…spices, good food
90. I believe in…God
91. I love…walking in the Fall.
92. My favorite cookies are…Snicker doodles
93. I'm married to a...Wonderful Husband.
94. I’d love to live in…the Mountains.
95. I’ve been to Disneyland/world…Disneyland
96. I really enjoy…spending time with my family and friends.
97. I love to eat…anything off the grill.
98. I’m getting…tired.
99. I'm very…Cold at the moment.
100. I wish I was less...plump.

Michelle was sharing things about herself, go and get to know her. If you would like to finish these statements out about yourself please link back to my blog.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Missing In Action

I am sorry I have been away for so long. But I had to help a friend of ours clean, paint, shampoo a 2 story 4 bedroom house. I have never cleaned and paint to many rooms and floors at one time. OH MY GOSH...She is 8.5 months pregnant and I thought we would ever get it all finished. And would you believe she still hasn't had that baby.

I will be back tomorrow for a post of some of the Halloween things that I made (well before this cleaning started).

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