Monday, June 30, 2008

Afternoon Walk

Hollie and I went for an afternoon walk. Was such a Gorgeous afternoon, 76 degrees, just had to go.

She spotted a grey squirrel, it drove her crazy that she couldn't get to him fast enough. So around and around this tree she went, and then would look towards me, like as if to say, "Where did he go?" The whole time he was in the tree barking at her. Just wouldn't set still long enough for me to get a pic of him.

The clouds were just beautiful. Was like someone put cotton balls in the sky. Well we know who did, he is such a AWESOME GOD!!!

Another picture of beautiful clouds.

The main reason for the walk. I knew where there was a patch of the Gorgeous Tiger Lillies. And I HAD to have some...they are so Beautiful.

And they look so pretty in my new pitcher on my new table....ahhhh a bit of heaven. Doesn't take much to make me happy.

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I am expecting

Now that I have your attention. I am expecting delivery of my colt on Nov. 8th. He will be 6 months old when we get him. I will get to train him. I can hardly wait...I have wanted a horse for along time. He is a Painted Pony. So Beautiful....

Meet Stormy. He is almost 2 months old here. (over look the wind blown hair please.)

Here is a full view shot. He is such a handsome young guy. So gentle once he got to know me a bit. I had him eating out of my hand, it was so cool.

Stormy with his Dad - Friendly Fire. Daddy is very protective also. If one of their other horses would even think about getting close, He was between them and let them know not to come any closer. (Mom in background)

This is Stormy and Mom - Comanche. She kept an eye on me the whole time I was playing with her baby. (Sorry such a dark pic, but it was starting to get late, by the time I took this pic.)

So now you know what I am expecting....I am so excited about getting him. So be expecting to see More pics soon.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

In My Pocket Challenge

Over at Ink on my Fingers - Hels new "In My Pocket Challenge" the theme was Buttons. You have to draw and make sure your pocket is 7"long X 3.75" wide. The only other rule is that you have to HIDE the theme inside of the pocket. You fold your card over at the 3" mark, and that's your pocket.
This is the front of my pocket. I took Quick Quotes Powder Puffs Bloody Mary and distressed and colored the background of the card stock. Then with Stazon I stamped the whole card with my Paris Moments Collage Stamp, from Hampton Art Stamps. I then colored them in with Derwent watercolor pencils and Stamp Craft Markers. I had some Vintage Wallpaper that I cut the stitching off of for the front panel, I used Prima paper flowers and Making Memories Brads. The tab and Charm are held on with the Brads

The inside was also distress and colored with the Powder Puffs. I also used the Paris Collage Stamp to stamp the background of the inside of the Pocket, then colored the stamp in with the same pencils and markers. I distressed the post cards, envelope, letter, and couple with Powder Puffs. Paris is from the Vintage Wallpaper, is also distressed with Powder Puffs. The collage papers are from Red Lead Paper Works - Mica Charm Collage Image Sheets. I used the Prima flowers on the inside also, along with Vintage Buttons from an Estate sale on the inside of my flap.

Hope you are having a great Sunday!

God Bless,


My new present

I guess I have been a good girl. I was asked to stop by my friends house. And look what I came home with. She knows that I am wanting to go cottage style decorating. And its in my color...I love blue. The Quilt is so beautiful.
Close up of quilt so that you can see the color and detail.
Here is the full view of the quilt. I really love it....I might have to straighten it some and leave it on my couch.
Meet my little buddy, Hollie, She thought it was her new blankie....First dog I have ever seen that LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSsss to lay under blankets all the time...she is so precious.

Well I am finished rambling, I will close now. Hope enjoyed looking at my new quilt as much as I do....smiles

Have a Super Sunday.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Go over to Arty Party NI: Blog Candy Give Away: . She is giving away blog candy for reaching over 2000 hits....Wow that's awesome. She makes some beautiful cards.

"Now to enter I would like you to leave a comment and also post a link from your blog telling everyone about my candy.
As it is coming to the end of the school year here in Northern Ireland, I would like to know what your most memorable moment of school was.The closing date for entering this candy giveaway will be Monday the 7th of July 2008 and I will get Kelsey to draw out a name of the winner. This candy is open to international bloggers also, so please don't be shy tell us your most memorable school moment!!!!"

Good Luck!!!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Seeing wildlife

A few weeks ago after coming home from a going away party for a dear friend of mine. I was almost home when I seen a Fawn in the middle of the road. Of course I had to stop and try and get pictures. Well not only did I get pictures I even petted the little guy on the nose and between the ears. Isn't he just the cutest thing ever. I keep saying "he" "him", I am not for sure which it is, but "he" is still darling? He could hardly walk. He would wobble a few steps and then lay down...was so precious.

For those of you who are worried because I touched him. He is doing just fine. I have seen him a couple times since then and is twice the size he was.

This week we have been in VBS all week, one night after church hubby and I went to yummy McD's for supper. After we left there, we stopped at a home near McDonald's and took these pictures of baby skunks. They were so cute. Their stink glands are not active at this age...

I took this little guys picture....look how he has the white patch on his forehead, the only white that is on him. He was starting to get aggressive with me, I had messed with him long enough. He was letting me know enough was enough. The next picture is of him only from the side, he is all black.

These two were playing up by a house across the road from the other skunk. They were just a few steps from the front porch of this house.

This picture is of one of them by themselves. Looking at me.

This next picture is showing one of them after they went under the "deck" at this house. He is looking back at me from under the stairs through the lattice work.

Here is one of the skunks right below the front porch by the guys golf balls they had left outside. The people were not home, so had no clue the little guys were any where around.

This picture shows the 2 walking away from the crazy lady with the camera.

After we left here, we hadn't gone 2 miles we seen a red fox and another deer. We couldn't get stopped in time to get pictures of the deer or red fox.

The funny thing is the skunks, the red fox, and full grown deer were all seen within city limits of Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Within a 3 mile range.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.



Look at the cool Swap that I found. I love aprons, and making a Fall or Halloween Apron sounds like so much fun. The info follows and go check out her blog if more info is needed. Her blog is dedicated to those of us that LOVE Vintage aprons...I love it.

"Come Join BoomingAprons very first Apron Swap!!!
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pocket Sewing Kit

I have wanted a Pocket Sewing Kit for awhile now. So today when I was posting "The Ten Things" and I posted a picture of my material. I thought "hey I can make one using some of the new material I purchased.

I cut 2 pieces of material about 10 inches long by 4.5 inches wide. I cut a piece of quilt batting the same size. But trimmed it down on the sides before I stitched around all four sides, leaving a small opening for turning. I had also pinned some Pom Pom fringe along the top edge, so it would be out when I turned the material. I folded the bottom up to make a "pocket", I top stitched both long edges, catching the folded edge to make the "pocket".

Then I started embellishing it with Vintage rick rack to hold the scissors and needle bottle in place. Inside of the fold I pinned safety pins and placed a piece of card board with different colors of thread wrapped around it inside of the pocket. I sewed a small piece of rick rack on the scissors and snapped the rick rack to the inside of the "pocket kit". I tied buttons on the inside of the flap so that when needed they could easily be removed. Then to finish it off, there is a snap on the inside of the flap to hold it close.

I think it turned out really "cute." Couldn't think of another word for it.

I also think this will work for Hels new "In My Pocket" Challenge. With this challenge you have to hide the "theme" inside of the pocket. And the theme this time was BUTTONS. SO I am going to summit my piece and see what she thinks.

Well it's past time for bed, talk to you all tomorrow.

Hugs and good night,


Ten Things

ten things I am loving right now:

1. Loving the Spring Wildflowers that have bloomed.
2. Watching my Hubby, Chuck, play the role of the Rabbi, in Synagogue School at Vacation Bible School this week.

3. I am loving watching the children at Vacation Bible School, learning new rituals and crafts .

4. My roses are just full and beautiful this year.

5. I am enjoying my sewing again. I have made approx. 45 outfits for Vacation Bible School this year. We are using the program from "Groups Holy Land Adventure". This year we are visiting "Jerusalem Marketplace- Where Jesus Walked to the Cross." The outfits that the children above and the Rabbi are wearing, I made those out fits.

6. The clouds have been just beautiful after VBS on the way home. We stopped on the way home Monday night so that I could get these pics. This is only 2 of the many that I did take, others will be seen soon in a new post.

7. I am loving the time Chuck and I are spending in the Hot Tub.

8. The long walks we take with our pets, Kylee- German Shepherd and Hollie- Dachshund. We love our pets.

9. I love working on my Summer Art Journal that Teresa McFayden is teaching this Summer.

10. I love anything crafty. I made this cute box for the Monday Mix Media challenge a few weeks ago.

Thanks SouleMama for the challenge. You can go over to her site to see what she listed. What 10 things are you loving right now.....Tag Paula its your turn.

This was fun, thanks for stopping by.



Wednesday, June 25, 2008

day six: good griddins

Good griddins was the 6Th project for the Teresa McFaydren's e-zine.

"Bringing order to chaos is easily achieved with the help of grids on your journal pages. This technique is also a super one to use when you feel like journeying, and again fearing white blank pages.

It's also great fun to do--sorta like a puzzle! Let's give it a go and see what happens. Keep in mind that this is the technique to try today--but you are always welcome to adapt the technique to your liking. Variations from the path foster growth--so if you feel like changing things a bit, do it! Be sure to share your pages on the Flickr site so we can admire your pages!"

Page one of my "griddin's" pages. I divided this page into 6 grids, "the take time to smell the roses" is a picture of one of my ATC's that I made.

The second page is also divided into 6 grids. I the lady in the top row, center grid is the back side of my ATC. The rose picture is from my garden.
I love the little garden fairy that I used.

This procedure was completed by using stippling with a paint brush.

Thanks for stopping by.


Day 5: It's a Summer Breeze

A Summer Breeze was the title of Day 5 for the E-zine from Teresa McFayden.

Two great techniques for you today. So, relax--sit back, have a look see and enjoy the cool summer breeze. Yes, we have a double dose today! 2 fun techniques to share. First the visual one, then the journaling one.

This was a fun technique called Pointillism. We used the "pointed" end of a paint brush.. the tip of the handle. We would press it onto the stamp pad or into paint the "dot" it onto the canvas. Was a little time consumming but a lot of fun.

If you pay attention to just the Capital Colored Letters, and you would see that they spell out Summer Memories. So each letter represents a memory from summer's past.

Thanks Teresa, and everyone that stopped by.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Please be in Prayer

As you know, several of our blog friends have been sending cards and prayers to Canada for Lois a friend of artist Wilna. Lois was fighting Cancer, on the morning of Saturday June 21, at 4 in the morning, our friend Lois went home to be with Jesus.

Please be in prayer for Wilna, her Husband, Robin and children. Wilna said Lois had no regrets and was feisty and funny up till the end. She knew she was going home to be with Jesus. God Bless and comfort them during this time.

In His name,


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blog Candy up for grabs

Go over to Becky's to win some cool blog candy.

"There is no reason for this blog candy, it's a "Just Because..." kind of thing! Up for grabs is a brand new Fiskars stamp press with love and marriage themed clear stamps included. The stamp press allows you to repeat card designs easily, perfect if you are creating invitations etc... and measures about 8" x 8".To be in with a chance of winning the stamp press and stamps all you have to do is leave a comment here telling me what your last craft purchase was and leave a link to the candy on your blog, once you've done this you are in the draw which I will do next Monday Morning, everyone who has entered by 9am Monday 23rd June GMT will be in with a shot!!Good luck everyone!Love Becky xx."

So I hope you hop on over and win you some goodies, wait wait...I want to win...Maybe you will be nice and check her blog, tell her how nice it is.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

My latest finds (cont)

Called the "Burgundy pitcher" because of its origins, this ceramic pitcher makes a delightful decanter for the casual, everyday-table-wines from that region – or any other! They are crafted from burgundy clay from the Burgundy region in France.

I also picked up these crocheted doilies, they aren't Vintage, but look very nice on my new table.

I fell in love with these old doilies, just couldn't pass them up. This is the one under my pitcher. I thought it just made the pitcher stand out better.
Wouldn't this look cute with a picture of my Parents sitting on it...I will have to find a place for that to happen. So be expecting more pictures..=)

This one I think my awesome lamp on my sewing machine is going to set on...You know the one from previous post that is a Mason jar full of buttons turned into a lamp.

Everything mentioned in this post, including the button lamp all came from my favorite Thrifty Treasure's Shop in O'Fallon, Illinois. Love that little family owned store....Keep bringing in the goodies Meagan and Jimmy... If you ever get to O'Fallon you will have to check them out.

Watch for more finds I know I will have them...I am hooked on getting my little place looking like a Cottage.

Thanks, have a great day!



Friday, June 20, 2008

My latest finds

LOOK at what I found this past weekend. I found this beautiful Vintage side drawer table at the local Thrifty Treasure's that I have started shop on a semi-regular basis. WOW, can I always find something in there. I love the little family owned business. From what I understand it is from 1920's. It sets two....don't you think its just cute!?!?!?!

This is the front view with the cute little drawer on it.

Here it is again with the drawer open where I plan on keeping my doilies, cloth napkins, and place mats. I just love ittttttttttttttttt.

Here is the end view where my husband will be setting. I love the detail that is cut into the wood and the cut on thelegs. On the end of the legs there are wheels which makes it really easy to move. Which will come in handy when I get my wood floors. By the way did I say how much I LOVE my new table and chairs. *wink*

Here is one of the chairs and a closer look at the detail on the corner of the table and the legs of the table.

I am so happy with my find, and very happy with how it looks in my dining area. This is my first step towards converting my house to the Shabby Cottage Style.

May God Bless you,