Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 2 - Weight Watchers

Well week 2 has come and gone, but I left the scales celebrating again. I lost 2.2 lbs this week.

I was totally surprised, as you know we held the Scrapbook Crop and a weekend of scrapbooking means, munching on goodies and loads of caffeine. The more caffeine, chocolate, and munchies the better the crop. Have to have something to keep that mojo going so you can create those beautiful pages.

But I went into the weekend prepared. I knew we were going to have home made Vegetable soup so I left enough points so that I could have a bowl of soup and crackers. Along with a couple small pieces of cheese. Knowing that we would be munching on chips and salsa later in the day, I used some of my extra points for a serving of chips. Whew, made it through the first night. I drink water or unsweet tea. So drinks were not a problem. =)

With this new program that Weight Watcher's uses, you learn to eat what you would normally eat, but under control. So Saturday morning comes, the family wants pancakes. No problem I fix them and I have my 2 4" pancakes, with a little butter and syrup on it. All of that for 6 pts. See you can do it. I had a salad with vinaigrette dressing and Lasagna for lunch. And yes a slice of garlic bread. For dinner late that night(8:30pm), I went to Bob Evans and ate off of their reduced menu.

I also had fresh fruits and vegetables, and some wonderful peanut butter bliss bars from Weight Watchers and they were only 1 pt, they helped me through the week.

Sunday thru Monday, I followed the program close, and when I stepped on the scales Tuesday night, I was down 2.2 lbs. Very please with myself on how I had made it through my first hurdle. So knowing that, I knew I could make it through the next week.....THANKSGIVING!! I will be back soon to tell you how Week 3 went.

End of week 2: down another 2.2 lbs for a total of 10.2 lbs off. =)

Thanks for stopping by, and remember if you struggle with weight as I do, please know you can control it, not it control you. Hang in there.



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 1 - Weight Watchers

This picture was taken of me in August 2010. I couldn't believe it when I seen it.

One week of No Coke and No Fast food, I weighed in 7.6 lbs lighter on the scales.

So as I go into week 2, I am pumped and ready to face the scales next Tuesday. Has it been a easy week, actually yes it has. I just have to think differently about what I put into my mouth and keep track of everything. I know I have a long way to go, but with small goals I will make it.

So if you read this and think of me during your day, please say a small prayer and lift me up as I go from day to day on this journey of taking off what has taken me 8 yrs to put on. I am at my heaviest I have ever been.

I will report again in a few days, and will be sharing recipes of some of the "lighter foods" that I am trying on this journey.

See you in a few days,

Christmas Open House and Crop
November 19-20, 2010
Friday night 5-11pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
Fee: $25.00 which includes Friday dinner and Saturday Lunch, along with Door Prizes and "Make n Takes".

We will scrap Friday night and All day Saturday. If you like to Scrapbook or are interested in learning, then we hope to see you there. So call 618-204-0327 to Register. If you register by Nov. 6th you will receive a $5 Gift Certificate.

So Bring a friend, Bring a GROUP of friends, you will have plenty of scrapping room. There will be new products and even some sale items!! WOOT WOOT!!! (sorry Paula had to borrow your words there) =)

I am attaching the flyer if you would like to look at it, or maybe print it out and give to someone you know that loves to scrapbook!!

Please come out and help us raise money for our Missionaries in Africa. All proceeds will go to them!

Any questions just give Paula or I a call. Or call Carla Monroe at above phone number to Register and she can answer any questions you may have.

Hope to see you there!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taylor Travis
Our little Angel

Taylor went to be with the Lord on 8 -27- 2010
She is our Great Niece. We do not understand why. All we know is that we are hurting like we have never hurt before.
She came into our life and was here for such a short 4 mos. She brought so much happiness to our family. One of the happiest babies we have been around.
Her little smile would brighten up the room.
Taylor we don't know why you had to leave us, but we long for the day when we can hold you in our arms again, hug and kiss you again Sweetheart.

Love always,
Aunt Debbie

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Western BBQ Fiesta Palooza Pages

I did this page with my New "Old West" Cricut Cartridge. The letters and numbers are two layers to give them the shadowed effect. I also used the cartridge to cut out the brown and blue hat and saddle on my Cricut. YES I love my new cartridge. It was time consuming putting the letters, numbers, saddle, and hat together, but the end results are well worth the time!

This family seemed to be popping up in several of my pics so I decided to make a layout using them. The little guy was scared at first of Honey (the horse), but later he didn't want to get off of him. I love how this page turned out. I layered the tag together and really like it.

Since my Western MOJO was going full blast I thought I would try my luck at a couple tags. I hand stitched the Star on the brown tag and put a star brad in the center of it. The cute little cowboys are off some Vintage Cowboy Valentine's. I embellished them with star brads and stickers. Laced some vintage silver rick rack and ribbon through them. I can't wait to use them in my album.

Paula, over on Paula's Palace of Altared Art is hosting a Wild West Tag Swap. I have entered into this Swap and need to get busy on my tags for it. Visit her site and see some of the tags she has received already. Stay tune for my tags.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Western Creations

Look what I received in the mail today. A new cartridge for my Cricut Expression. My husband text me at work today that I received it in the mail today. It was like at 2pm and I didn't get off till 6pm. All I could think about was getting home to try out my new "Old West" Cartridge.

So finally after we had supper and visited with the youngest and his girlfriend, I finally was able to open the box and get to playing...Well after 10pm.

Here are the Cowboy Boots. I thought they were cute. I didn't have much time to play so I cut out a pair in 2 colors just to try it out. I kept the same color scheme for the night.

Then came the Cowboy hat. It was 2 steps. I had to cut the hat then the band and then to assemble. After I used my scrapbook adhesive tape I had the Wonderful Cowboy Hat.

Here are 3 saddles I cut them in different sizes, just to see the effects. I can cut from 1" up to 23.5 inches. I love my Cricut Expression.

Each die cut has small cuts in them to embellish the piece, with the stitches and folds, etc on each piece. If you do not have a Cricut you need to purchase one, you wouldn't be disappointed.

I will be using these on my Western BBQ Palooza pages. I almost posted a page tonight, but thought no, I don't want to post any yet till I get some more pages finished so that I will have good pics to display on here.

Well I need to call it a night, I have to work tomorrow. Oh I didn't mention, I am the Administrative Assistant at our Church now. I love my knew job. Sweet dreams everyone and God Bless! Love, Debxx

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cakes By Debbie

I promised you I would be back with some pics of some of the cakes that I have decorated this past year. I haven't did many, but the one's I did have been for some very special people.

I also, had the privilege of teaching a very Special young lady how to decorate so that she could decorate the cakes for her Sister's baby Shower, for her first nephew. It was a blast! She has been very special to us for years. My son and her dated for 3-4 years, then she went to college so they are now just wonderful friends. So as her and I were decorating the cakes, Caleb pipes up and says "I can do that" and of course Jessi says "yeah right." Needless to say the competition began.

It was so much fun watching them to laugh and giggle at each others stars as they decorated the bear shape cakes.

I think they turned out really great! One cake was chocolate and one was white. They used M&M's for their eyes. Then used Chocolate Chips on the Paws.

While they were working on that I was working on a sheet cake to go along with them. They were having a large family shower. They just wanted it plain so I did it in the Blue and White, with his name and booties on each corner.

Here is a close up of one of the little booties.
These cakes were for the Family Shower one weekend, then the next weekend I turned around and decorated this cake with Handy Manny on it for the Friends Shower.

Ok, I will close with this one since it turned into a book and will post again soon with another cake.

I have been working on a Western Scrapbook with my Western BBQ pictures in it, as soon as I have it completed I will be posting pics on it also.
Until we meet again my friends, many blessing to you.