Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good evening everyone,

I trust that everyone had a wonderful weekend!! What a wonderful one it was for us. Hubby and I had a great time on Saturday, and we spent Sunday at Mom's helping her. So a lot of family time, and cool weather. Couldn't ask for anything better =).

I would like for all my wonderful readers to go and check out my friend Paula's new online store:


Greetings, dear readers!

Well, at long last I have a goodly portion of my shoppe items posted in a format that you can now browse and peruse. However, due to circumstances FAR BEYOND MY CONTROL, (tech issues...believe me when I tell you I am sparing you the horror of the gorey little details) prices and such are not on the blog. So when you find a piece and/or kit you are DYING to purchase, please email me to get prices and shipping costs.

SO, without further adieu, I give you Art In Season. Remember this blog is a temporary format until my shop opens officially with Lollishops. Meanwhile, enjoy!

Thank you all, dear readers, for your amazing show of support and enthusiasm for my little shop!

Update to her shoppe:

Just a quick note to let you know I've updated my shop with a few non-holiday home decor items. I've also added prices on the web page for your convenience. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment here or email!

Paula's Palace of AltAred Art

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gypsy Mermaid Witches Cupboard Halloween Swap

Sarah over at Gypsy Mermaid Life hosted the Gypsy Mermaid Witches Cupboard Halloween Swap. What a wonderful time we have had making things for your Partners. My partner was the Wonderful Stefanie from Germany has two wonderful blogs. One she displays her art and collections on, the Other her lovely cats and dogs, garden, and decorations. She is a sweet lady and mother of 3 children. I have really enjoyed making a new friend.

As I opened my gift from her, I found this wonderful Ghostly napkin and a Fall Napkin with leaves on it.

I removed the napkins, and found this postcard showing me where my gift came from. Look at all of the wonderful gifts in there. Orange witches hat, ATC, those awesome leaves..You can see the veins in it, and looks like it is made of thread. The green package is a package of Halloween Kleenex. So sweet.. Teddy Bear...( I love Teddy Bears =) )

Here is everything taken out of the box. I love the black and white wrapping paper. They were wrapped so beautifully I didn't think I would open them. HA HA NOT!!! I couldn't wait to see what goodies I would find.

Look at all these wonderful things. A Witches Recipe Journal, Magic Box, A wonderful China tea cup and saucer, "Olive/Pickle thongs, a Silver "Cauldron", Vintage buttons, and some YUMMY Chocolate from Germany. Close Ups follow.

Isn't the Tea Cup and Saucer, The Silver Dish, and Thongs beautiful. I just love them.

The Witches Recipes Journal, I love it...It is so beautiful!!!! I love the Mushrooms she put on the front. The Wicked witch and Velvet flower and awesome. She also sent me a Pumpkin Bread recipe. I have some recipes that I will start putting in it this weekend.

I love the leaves, I am not sure how they were made, but it looks like a bunch of woven threads, you can see the veins of the leaves, so cool. The miniature orange Witches hat with spider webs. I do not think I have ever seen a Witch hat that small, it is so CUTE. The napkins are wonderful also, leaves with smiling faces and ghost on them The Halloween Kleenex are cool, I love Teddy Bears, And this Teddy Bear is holding his Pumpkin.

Check out my Witches MAGIC box, it had many treasures inside of it. The beautiful Fall bracelet, Vintage buttons, and some WONDERFUL chocolates.

SHHHH!!! Some Sneak Peeks for Stephanie, please do not tell her, I haven't heard if she has received her box of goodies!

Everything so pretty in Orange, White, and Yellow...I hope she enjoys.

Ribbons and glitter everywhere, silvers, oranges, and blacks.. hummmmm

More blacks, purples, wonder what they can be.
These little things looks spooky, Saying BOO and a Cute little Witch Tag.

And here is my Witch ATC that I made for Stephanie from Vintage Crepe Paper and some Vintage Rick Rack.

I hope Stefanie will enjoy her goodies that I made for her. We are going to have another ATC swap later, I can't wait to get started on them.

Thank You Stefanie for all the goodies, and laughs we exchanged. Keep in touch my friend.



Monday, September 22, 2008

Blog Candy, Jennie over on The Artistic Stamper, is having a Give Away. She will draw on Sunday for the winner. Go sign her post for the chance to win.

Here is a copy of her work.
So go on over to her blog and sign up for your chance to win.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Sweet and Sinister Halloween Swap Package arrived Today!!!!!

Wow! Was I ever Surprised today when I went to the door and my Package was here!! Sherrie did a wonderful job on my Awesome Items. I opened the box and found my gifts wrapped in this scary black material. And below here is the gifts outside of the box, wrapped and tied with a beautiful orange reversible ribbon. Trees on one side and tombstones on it.

Here is the packages with the black material off of them.

Wow look at those packages I wonder what they are?

My Beautiful items that I received from Sherrie. She did a wonderful job!!!

A close of Witchy Women. I love it, it is made in a old cake clever

I love these bottles..They are so adorable...

Thanks Sherrie, I really am enjoying my gifts, you were too sweet.

Thanks for stopping by!!



Mad Hatter Tea Party Winner is:

Well actually the Jester said there will be 2 winners, and everyone else will get a prize also for commenting during the party.

I would love to thank everyone that visited, commented, and had Tea and Cupcakes during my celebration.

I am sorry it took so long to post the winners but I had to wait on the Jester to get back to the Kingdom from a prior engagement.

So now it is time to announce these lucky ladies!!!

Blogger Anna M. said...

What a fun way to celebrate your 100 posts - congratulations! Thanks for sharing your tea and cupcakes with me...yum yum! =)

September 12, 2008 8:32 PM

Blogger Anni's Art said...

Love Alice in wonderland and the tea party, came to your blog from MMM, Congratulations on your 100th post.

September 11, 2008 12:10 PM

Anna and Anni if you would email your address to me I will get your goodies in the mail. Thanks girls.



Monday, September 15, 2008

Halloween Banners and Swap Items

I made this Halloween banner from Halloween Paper, Letters were cut on my Cricut. Various Halloween characters and stickers. The garland is homemade. I made it out of two rows of Crepe Paper. The Banner takes up the whole wall in my front room.

This is the first third of the banner, it says Trick. I had to break the banner in thirds so that I could get pictures of it. There is also the crepe paper garland hanging from the tips of each triangle on the banner.

Here is the center of the banner, saying "OR" Ghost and spiders on these banners.

The last third of the banner says, Treat. Looks so pretty in the orange and the black, with glittery stickers and embellishments.

Here are a couple of the letters so that you can see them close up.
Spooky Apron Swap
All my wonderful goodies that I received from Tammy. I love the apron, pot holder, and Trick or Treat Bag. Then she sent me extras: Pumpkin Candy Pez Dispenser, Pumpkin Candle, and A Can of Candy.

Beautiful Fall Pumpkins with trims of fall polka dots.
The reverse side has Witches brooms, Hats, Boots, and stars also trimmed with the same fall polka dots. Soooooooooooo lovely, I just love the apron with matching potholder.

She also threw in these Wax Fangs and Pumpkin Pez Dispenser.

This is the coolest candy gift container that I think I have received in a long time. It was filled full of Chocolates and various candies.

I will not reveal how she filled it just yet. I am going to give it to some others.

Next will be some sneak peaks of Tammy's goodies, can't show the pics yet because I have to wait to hear that she has her package.

Here is her package all wrapped up. I hope she enjoys everything. I had a blast getting it all together for her.

A couple sneak peaks. I hope I haven't gave too much away!!!

Sorry for such a long post, but wanted to get all of this posted.

Thanks for stopping by



Witches Cupboard Swap

Everyone involved with this Swap needs go and give Gypsy Mermaid some love and support! I just found out the devastating news about IKE taking everything they had. Her and the family
are safe. But please go and give her some love. You can read about her story here.

God Bless you Sarah, you are in our prayers!!



Witchy Ribbons

This couple are enjoying their Harvest dance under the Moon! I used a vintage picture, Halloween garland , added ribbons hanging down, and a ribbon hanger.

Mama Witch on the front side. Vintage picture, ruffled crepe paper, orange glitter, and torn Crepe Paper for the "ribbons", Rick Rack for the hanger. Turn the ribbon over and you will see....

Little Witch, she is decorated the same as the front. She has black and orange glitter around her.

The Old Wicked Witch and her black cat. She is a Vintage picture, black glitter, ruffled crepe paper, and torn crepe paper for the "ribbon" hanging down.

I will be posting the winner for the Mad Tea Party later today.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beware of Haunted Houses

This is the what my Haunted house looked like before I started painting and decorating it. I purchased the paper mache house at Micheal's. I have 2 others, just do not have them finished yet. I spray painted the house black. The color on the eves changed 3 times before I was happy with it. I started out with red, wasn't happy with it, then purple, it still didn't Pop, so I got out the glitter glue, and tried the purple glitter glue. And between all the colors, that's what I liked t he most. Same with the window sills. red to light blue, to purple, to the glitter glue purple, I love the affect it gave them, almost looks periwinkle. Then painted the door knob with silver glitter glue. This is my take on a Haunted House, we had a tutorial over on the Sweet and Sinister Halloween Swap, Gina of Lily*s of London*ish came up with the cutest haunted house ideas.
We enjoyed her tutorial:)

Then I started decorating. I used black card stock behind the opened windows. I wanted to use yellow, but that just wasn't right, so went with the black and it looked more realistic. There is a ghost coming out of the upstairs window, with eyes watching you. A ghost flying in front of the house. Two scary Jack-O-Lanterns with feet sticking up behind one of the Jack-O-Lanterns. There are legs hanging out of the roof, is some one trying to come out or go back in? You decide. There are two black spiders one is hanging from his glistening web on the front, Look at his scary red eyes!!! The other hanging to the left of the house. Then you go to the roof and their is a scary witch watching you and a Bat flying around.

On the Left side you see Skeletons, Ghost , and Whose eyes are those? Oh wow, I am scared, I do not know what or whom they may be....Oh My GOSH LOOK at that HUMONGOUS purple SPIDER on the roof, I am out of here I tell you.

Now we have walked around to the back of this scary Haunted house, Oh my Goodness there is a Skeleton laying in front of an Old Headstone. Bats and Ghost flying around. That's a big spider web in the eve of the roof, I am not waiting for that spider to show up. Let's go!!!!

Oh my goodness, not on this side of the house too!! Look at all those eyes staring at us in the upstairs window. Ghost flying out of the downstairs window along with a Skeleton shaking his bones at us...There's that bat and I hope the Old Witch again, Shhhhhh maybe she won't see us.

Well we made it to the front again, now lets run down the street and get out of here.

Thanks for going to this Haunted House with me.