Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beware of Haunted Houses

This is the what my Haunted house looked like before I started painting and decorating it. I purchased the paper mache house at Micheal's. I have 2 others, just do not have them finished yet. I spray painted the house black. The color on the eves changed 3 times before I was happy with it. I started out with red, wasn't happy with it, then purple, it still didn't Pop, so I got out the glitter glue, and tried the purple glitter glue. And between all the colors, that's what I liked t he most. Same with the window sills. red to light blue, to purple, to the glitter glue purple, I love the affect it gave them, almost looks periwinkle. Then painted the door knob with silver glitter glue. This is my take on a Haunted House, we had a tutorial over on the Sweet and Sinister Halloween Swap, Gina of Lily*s of London*ish came up with the cutest haunted house ideas.
We enjoyed her tutorial:)

Then I started decorating. I used black card stock behind the opened windows. I wanted to use yellow, but that just wasn't right, so went with the black and it looked more realistic. There is a ghost coming out of the upstairs window, with eyes watching you. A ghost flying in front of the house. Two scary Jack-O-Lanterns with feet sticking up behind one of the Jack-O-Lanterns. There are legs hanging out of the roof, is some one trying to come out or go back in? You decide. There are two black spiders one is hanging from his glistening web on the front, Look at his scary red eyes!!! The other hanging to the left of the house. Then you go to the roof and their is a scary witch watching you and a Bat flying around.

On the Left side you see Skeletons, Ghost , and Whose eyes are those? Oh wow, I am scared, I do not know what or whom they may be....Oh My GOSH LOOK at that HUMONGOUS purple SPIDER on the roof, I am out of here I tell you.

Now we have walked around to the back of this scary Haunted house, Oh my Goodness there is a Skeleton laying in front of an Old Headstone. Bats and Ghost flying around. That's a big spider web in the eve of the roof, I am not waiting for that spider to show up. Let's go!!!!

Oh my goodness, not on this side of the house too!! Look at all those eyes staring at us in the upstairs window. Ghost flying out of the downstairs window along with a Skeleton shaking his bones at us...There's that bat and I hope the Old Witch again, Shhhhhh maybe she won't see us.

Well we made it to the front again, now lets run down the street and get out of here.

Thanks for going to this Haunted House with me.




Paula Clare said...

Okay girlfriend, now that you're done scaring the bejeebus out of bout making the photos larger so we can see the details? Did you post them on flickr? You did a wonderful job telling the story...too funny. I mean, scary!

Trish said...

I love haunted houses-the scarier the better and after yours, i am going to sleep with the light on - lol
great work!!

Anna M. said...

Love your haunted are so creative! =)