Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gypsy Mermaid Witches Cupboard Halloween Swap

Sarah over at Gypsy Mermaid Life hosted the Gypsy Mermaid Witches Cupboard Halloween Swap. What a wonderful time we have had making things for your Partners. My partner was the Wonderful Stefanie from Germany has two wonderful blogs. One she displays her art and collections on, the Other her lovely cats and dogs, garden, and decorations. She is a sweet lady and mother of 3 children. I have really enjoyed making a new friend.

As I opened my gift from her, I found this wonderful Ghostly napkin and a Fall Napkin with leaves on it.

I removed the napkins, and found this postcard showing me where my gift came from. Look at all of the wonderful gifts in there. Orange witches hat, ATC, those awesome leaves..You can see the veins in it, and looks like it is made of thread. The green package is a package of Halloween Kleenex. So sweet.. Teddy Bear...( I love Teddy Bears =) )

Here is everything taken out of the box. I love the black and white wrapping paper. They were wrapped so beautifully I didn't think I would open them. HA HA NOT!!! I couldn't wait to see what goodies I would find.

Look at all these wonderful things. A Witches Recipe Journal, Magic Box, A wonderful China tea cup and saucer, "Olive/Pickle thongs, a Silver "Cauldron", Vintage buttons, and some YUMMY Chocolate from Germany. Close Ups follow.

Isn't the Tea Cup and Saucer, The Silver Dish, and Thongs beautiful. I just love them.

The Witches Recipes Journal, I love it...It is so beautiful!!!! I love the Mushrooms she put on the front. The Wicked witch and Velvet flower and awesome. She also sent me a Pumpkin Bread recipe. I have some recipes that I will start putting in it this weekend.

I love the leaves, I am not sure how they were made, but it looks like a bunch of woven threads, you can see the veins of the leaves, so cool. The miniature orange Witches hat with spider webs. I do not think I have ever seen a Witch hat that small, it is so CUTE. The napkins are wonderful also, leaves with smiling faces and ghost on them The Halloween Kleenex are cool, I love Teddy Bears, And this Teddy Bear is holding his Pumpkin.

Check out my Witches MAGIC box, it had many treasures inside of it. The beautiful Fall bracelet, Vintage buttons, and some WONDERFUL chocolates.

SHHHH!!! Some Sneak Peeks for Stephanie, please do not tell her, I haven't heard if she has received her box of goodies!

Everything so pretty in Orange, White, and Yellow...I hope she enjoys.

Ribbons and glitter everywhere, silvers, oranges, and blacks.. hummmmm

More blacks, purples, wonder what they can be.
These little things looks spooky, Saying BOO and a Cute little Witch Tag.

And here is my Witch ATC that I made for Stephanie from Vintage Crepe Paper and some Vintage Rick Rack.

I hope Stefanie will enjoy her goodies that I made for her. We are going to have another ATC swap later, I can't wait to get started on them.

Thank You Stefanie for all the goodies, and laughs we exchanged. Keep in touch my friend.




Paula Clare said...

WOW! What a HAUL! And all of your goodies are IMPORTED! Very cool! Isn't blogdom WONDERFUL?!?! We get to make friends all over the world! I LOVE IT!

Debbie said...

Yes I love it...everything is SO WONDERFUL!!!!!

Stefanie said...

Oh, I´m sooo glad, you received my package. And I´m glad you like the things I made and gathered. Nice to see everything so far away!

Now I´m so thrilled when I see the sneak peeks.
I´m still looking forward to you swap package. I isn´t here but I think it must come soon.
Love the hanging ATC you made for me.


Cat said...

I'm in love with the witches recipe book! I cannot get enough of all the black and orange on your blog...