Friday, April 25, 2008

Girls Day Out

On Wed. April 23, the Girls escaped away foa day of scrapbooking and altered art shopping.

Paula and I went to Fairview to meet Cat at her
house for lunch. We met her wonderful family
and seen her beautiful house. We had a wonderful

baked chickensalad on toasted frenchbread,

Sister of Soul mac and cheese. She is a wonderful hostess.

After our wonderful lunch they took me to RedLead...I

had never been there. And OMGosh.....what a place!
You will find all kinds of things you will not find
at your normal scrapbook store.

I found this cool paper...yes I know you can find scrapbook paper anywhere. I just fell in love with it and had to have it.

I just love this large pink tag, and the colored scalloped papers.

There was a wall of collage pages....I chose these wonderful 4 pages.

tag book, house book, and these forms...I plan on decorating them and using them to hold scissors, pens, scrapbooking supplies

clipboard buttons, and spring and fall ATC's collections

crowns, wings, stamps, diamond dust

Cat wanted to take us to a Cute little Cupcake Bar
The Cupcakery, it was so cute. We had Cupcakes and
hot tea. A wonderful time setting and talking. But
it was so approiate for Cat to take us there...Click on her
name and check out her blog.

Paula and Cat outside the Cupcakery.

Cat holding the "CupCake" Receipe Book.

Paula, Cat, and myself at the Cupcakery

We left there to run to Archiver's to use our Free CardStock coupons.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Updated My Slide Show

Check out the slide show ........
I updated it with my newest creations
To list a few:
Heart Pillows
House Pins
Bloggers Ball Gowns
CKC St Louis Projects
House Charms
I hope you enjoy my slide show.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hanging in this Charming Neighborhood Swap

I belong to the "In this house" Yahoo group. We had to make 20 little charming houses-the same or different, Receive 19 back.

  1. The houses were to be 1.5"wide and the height was not to exceen 2.5-3.0", not taller or shorter. Must be on sturdy cardstock to support art.
  2. Create your house doing a theme, example - green house, movie house, etc.
  3. The pitch of the roof can be any size/shape but cannot exceed the 3".
  4. The edges of the house must be emollished to give the appearace of charm.
  5. Punch two eyelets on each side of house: insert a chain, fiber, or something "for hanging" your house on a fence or gate. Chain or fiber should not extend more then 1 inch above the house.
  6. The back side must include : House theme, your name and location, and email addy.

Kathleen Matelsky, THANKS for the Swap



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Won I Won

I enjoy going to Wilna's, site. She asked us to list our favorite 5 things in life. I listed mine, and then she used a number generator and my number was picked...WOOOO HOOOOO

I will receive a Making Memories goodie bag. I can't wait....

Thanks Wilna!!!!



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Final Episode Of CKC St. Louis

(Day 2 Continued)
"Scrap In The Box"
Was taught by Jolene Graning from "The Paper Element."
The Paper Element is from Bloomington, Illinois
I enjoyed the class. We painted a box frame and added "Paper Element" Papers. We Added Rub-Ons, an Envelop, ribbons and flowers. I am not happy with the way the project turned out though. I will be repainting and using different papers to cover it.

I also won a door prize in this class and LOVE the wonderful papers and rub-ons that I received.

Cool papers, die-cuts, and rub-ons.

Reverse side of papers.

Spring Photo Wreath

Paula and I took this class together. This class was sponsored by Fiskars and they let us use some COOL tools to make our wreaths...

This cool Fiskar's Fingertip knife, is a MUST have.

We were also introduced to a new squeeze heart punch:

The squeeze heart punch was so easy to use. We had to cut 18 hearts to put around the edge of our wreathe, in a matter of seconds. I also received a set to bring home with me...I LOVE it!!!

Canvas A La Carte

This was the last class that Paula and I took together on Saturday.

The class was very involved, Paula and I had to finish the project in the Shop and Crop time after class on Saturday.
My projects are now picture ready. When I get the pictures on them I will post the finished projects. Again I will say that CKC Conventions are well worth the money and time spent. We both had a great time.

I must show you what I had waiting on the kitchen table when I returned home.

Monday, April 14, 2008

CKC-St. Louis (Part 2)

Class #3 "Think Big Canvas Class"

This class was a "Quick Quote" and Canvas class

We used Quick Quotes, Powder Puff Chalk Inks, Canvas, Ribbons, and several die-cut tags and Canvas embellishments. We were taught how to distress canvas and the tags. The accordion style project holds 23 tags, 6 canvas pieces. Two canvas boards on each end, a canvas button on center of the canvas flower, canvas heart, a canvas tag, and a canvas photo anchor. Under the photo anchor is a folded love heart. I will put pictures in the heart later.
Instructor from Quick Quotes -Michelle

Class #4 - "Always & Forever"

This class was a mini acrylic album class using Prima Papers.

I fell in love with their old, shabby chic looking paper, some of the paper reminded me of Grandma's house, and some of the houses that I lived in as a young girl. The techniques we used in this class included inking, sanding, working with transparencies and adding dimension and depth with flowers and chipboard embellishments.

Paula and I fell in love with two new tools that we were introduced too. We discovered 2 amazing new tools for scrapbooking: Souffle pens and Stickles. Souffle pens by Sakura write dimensionally, and Stickles
a wonderful glitter glue that adds glitter to your project.

We used the Souffle pens to add the "dotted" outline on the acrylic page. Stickles added the glitter to the "Love" on our page.

We also made these lovely paper flowers. The album consisted of 2 acrylic pages and 3 chipboard pages.

We used the beautiful Prima papers to cover the chipboard album pages and the above paper flowers.

Another beautiful Prima paper covered chipboard page. This page also has the Stickles on it..

I will post my last post tomorrow on "Our First Adventure to CKC - St. Louis. The convention is an experience that every scrapbooker, and altered art lover needs to experience at least once. I know I am hooked and will probably go again.

Sweet dreams,



Friday, April 11, 2008

CKC-St. Louis 2nd Day

I am sorry I haven't been back on to post about the CKC Convention, but WOW have I had a busyyyyyyyy week.

As you probably have already read on Paula's blog, I have to get up on a regular basis by 4am. So by 4:30 I had been up showered, and ready to go. I was trying to be very quiet, but guess I awoke sleeping beauty. So I started working on Thurs. nights Chatterbox book until time to start our mad-dome of none stop classes. We didn't even realize that we hadn't even scheduled a lunch in all the excitement of registering.

My first class starting at 8:30, I was raring to go ( I had been up for almost 5 hours, not like my cohort.) My first class was from SEI - 4Velvet Paper Techniques.

SEI-4Velvet Paper Techniques-Madera Island Accordion Album

SEI - Founder and Owner, Connie and myself, she taught the Velvet Class.

  1. Embossing Velvet
  2. Die-cut Velvet
  3. Stamping and Inking Velvet
  4. Printed Velvet
  5. Stacking Velvet Scraps Embellishments
  6. Rub-Ons on Velvet

Jute Ribbon Knots
Velvet can also be written on with pen or printed in your printer.

Side One

Panel one brad embellishments, Panel 3 Embossed die-cut envelope and stamped tag, Panel 5 Rub Ons.

Side Two
Panel 1, velvet scrap arrangement, Panel 2 stamped die cut tag, Panels 3,4, and 6 stacks of velvet scraps, Panel 5 printed Velvet, Panels 4 and6 Jute knots.

SEI - 4 Ribbon Techniques - Friends Word Album

This is the album we made.

SEI Instructor - Connie
Our class was one of Connie's first classes with SEI. She did a wonderful job. Click on her name and check out her blog.

Paula and I attended this class together.
In this class we were taught different ribbon techniques.

  • Ribbon Laced, brad-studded frame
  • Ribbon Lattice
  • Ribbon wrapped dimensional sticker
  • Sizzix die-cut ribbon
  • Quad-tied ribbons
  • Ribbon-tied rings
  • Ribbon photo centers
    Pages were embellished with mini glitter coaster tags, puff stickers and rhinestone brads.

Ribbon tied on a tagRibbon Flower - Twist 3 3inch pieces of ribbon, insert in the center of a brad to the bottom of brad. Insert brad through a chipboard coaster adhere to page. Separate ribbons and it makes a Flower.Ribbon tied around a puff flower..why in the world I had never tried this I do not know..its is so simple, just twist ribbon around and under the flower. It is SOOOOOO cute.

Ribbon Lattice - how cute it is...just insert picture or tag and you are ready to go. You adhere ribbon only on the ends to edge of pageRibbon photo corners. Take 2 1/2 inch ribbon, wrap around photo mat, adhere only on back of mat.

Ribbon laced, brad-studded frame - How cute is that..... punch 4 holes in side of frame. Lace ribbon 12 inches long through the holes and tie off. Top off with brads in the holes.Sizzix die-cut ribbon - purple "ric-rac". Also Quad-tied ribbons through the hole of the letter in this book.

I will post more on the 2ND day soon. Have a great weekend.

Love, Debbie

Saturday, April 5, 2008

CKC St, Louis

Day One - of our first CKC Adventure

We arrived at the convention, as Grandma would say, "Rip, Roaring, and ready to go!"

So off to get our tickets we went. After checking them out and making sure our class schedule was correct. Off to find our classes we go.

After finding where our class WAS suppose to be. Paula and I looked around at the few vendors that were setting up, and were waiting for time for class. We had arrived early, so had plenty time to kill. I found a wonderful deal, so Paula and I purchased the cool white tote we both are carrying that had 4 kits in it. So I set and started putting together one of the kits .

Then the time came to go to class, we start down the hall to be greeted by to PALLETS of boxes about 6 feet high. We are like "What the $%#@?" So we waited and watched, and then finally opened the door to find out that the classroom had been changed. So off to find the new room. By this time we figured everyone would be there and no good seats would be left. And to our amaze, there was NO ONE in the room at all.

Finally, who we thought was our teacher shows up. So Paula and I start helping her set the supplies out, and during conversation, we discover SHE is now in the wrong room Its 10 mins before our class is suppose to start, we have the WRONG instructor, supplies, and wondering what is going on.

Finally our instructor shows up THREE mins before our class was suppose to start. Comes in not frazzled, like nothing is going on. AND in her PJ's, well it looked like PJ's. It was actually relaxing scrapbook clothes they were offering at their booth. The class was really laid back and we had a great time.

Almost completed project.

So that was our first day at CKC, there will be more post to come.



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

What a Funny Story
On April 1st I am always reminded of a funny story. How my husband and I started dating. Hummm....well here it goes.
My Mom and I had stopped by my step-fathers work to talk to him. As we were waiting for him to come outside, another worker drove by on his Brand New Yamaha shiny black motorcycle. I commented that I wish he would give me a ride on it. Little did I know as soon as he walked by, Mom would call out his name and have him come to the car.
She then tells him that I wish he would take me for a ride on his new motorcycle. I am trying to crawl into my seat, why well let me explain why.
At the time I was the Biscuit maker at Hardee's, had just gotten off work, still in my dirty uniform with flour and dough all over it....mind you, back then it was BROWN hair was a mess, I looked terrible. Believe it or not, he said "OK, I will be out about 4:30 to give you a ride." Of course I didn't turn him down.
So ALL afternoon I spent getting ready to go and was soooooooooo nervous. The ride went well we had a great time. He even did little things on the bike that would make me want to hold on tighter to him. Should of known then what I was up against.
But 26 years from our "first date" we are still doing things to make one another want to hang onto the other. We will celebrate our 26th anniversary this July. We have 2 wonderful sons and a great daughter in love.
The standing joke in our family now, "Who was the biggest fool?" And of course we both just laugh, and say "We are blessed to have the other."
Thanks Mom, for seeing the whole picture....