Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hanging in this Charming Neighborhood Swap

I belong to the "In this house" Yahoo group. We had to make 20 little charming houses-the same or different, Receive 19 back.

  1. The houses were to be 1.5"wide and the height was not to exceen 2.5-3.0", not taller or shorter. Must be on sturdy cardstock to support art.
  2. Create your house doing a theme, example - green house, movie house, etc.
  3. The pitch of the roof can be any size/shape but cannot exceed the 3".
  4. The edges of the house must be emollished to give the appearace of charm.
  5. Punch two eyelets on each side of house: insert a chain, fiber, or something "for hanging" your house on a fence or gate. Chain or fiber should not extend more then 1 inch above the house.
  6. The back side must include : House theme, your name and location, and email addy.

Kathleen Matelsky, THANKS for the Swap



1 comment:

Cat said...

OOOOOO...VERY pretty. That sounds like a really neat swap. How do you find these? SIS TV? Blogs? Are you coming on Wednesday? I hope so:)