Saturday, April 5, 2008

CKC St, Louis

Day One - of our first CKC Adventure

We arrived at the convention, as Grandma would say, "Rip, Roaring, and ready to go!"

So off to get our tickets we went. After checking them out and making sure our class schedule was correct. Off to find our classes we go.

After finding where our class WAS suppose to be. Paula and I looked around at the few vendors that were setting up, and were waiting for time for class. We had arrived early, so had plenty time to kill. I found a wonderful deal, so Paula and I purchased the cool white tote we both are carrying that had 4 kits in it. So I set and started putting together one of the kits .

Then the time came to go to class, we start down the hall to be greeted by to PALLETS of boxes about 6 feet high. We are like "What the $%#@?" So we waited and watched, and then finally opened the door to find out that the classroom had been changed. So off to find the new room. By this time we figured everyone would be there and no good seats would be left. And to our amaze, there was NO ONE in the room at all.

Finally, who we thought was our teacher shows up. So Paula and I start helping her set the supplies out, and during conversation, we discover SHE is now in the wrong room Its 10 mins before our class is suppose to start, we have the WRONG instructor, supplies, and wondering what is going on.

Finally our instructor shows up THREE mins before our class was suppose to start. Comes in not frazzled, like nothing is going on. AND in her PJ's, well it looked like PJ's. It was actually relaxing scrapbook clothes they were offering at their booth. The class was really laid back and we had a great time.

Almost completed project.

So that was our first day at CKC, there will be more post to come.




Cat said...

I can't believe you have already posted a blog! I am still in a daze from the scrap hysteria. I had a GREAT time with you guys, as usual.

Debbie said...

Yeah, I had a moment of sanity this morning, and thought I would try and get one in... Had a great time with you also. Hugs