Friday, April 11, 2008

CKC-St. Louis 2nd Day

I am sorry I haven't been back on to post about the CKC Convention, but WOW have I had a busyyyyyyyy week.

As you probably have already read on Paula's blog, I have to get up on a regular basis by 4am. So by 4:30 I had been up showered, and ready to go. I was trying to be very quiet, but guess I awoke sleeping beauty. So I started working on Thurs. nights Chatterbox book until time to start our mad-dome of none stop classes. We didn't even realize that we hadn't even scheduled a lunch in all the excitement of registering.

My first class starting at 8:30, I was raring to go ( I had been up for almost 5 hours, not like my cohort.) My first class was from SEI - 4Velvet Paper Techniques.

SEI-4Velvet Paper Techniques-Madera Island Accordion Album

SEI - Founder and Owner, Connie and myself, she taught the Velvet Class.

  1. Embossing Velvet
  2. Die-cut Velvet
  3. Stamping and Inking Velvet
  4. Printed Velvet
  5. Stacking Velvet Scraps Embellishments
  6. Rub-Ons on Velvet

Jute Ribbon Knots
Velvet can also be written on with pen or printed in your printer.

Side One

Panel one brad embellishments, Panel 3 Embossed die-cut envelope and stamped tag, Panel 5 Rub Ons.

Side Two
Panel 1, velvet scrap arrangement, Panel 2 stamped die cut tag, Panels 3,4, and 6 stacks of velvet scraps, Panel 5 printed Velvet, Panels 4 and6 Jute knots.

SEI - 4 Ribbon Techniques - Friends Word Album

This is the album we made.

SEI Instructor - Connie
Our class was one of Connie's first classes with SEI. She did a wonderful job. Click on her name and check out her blog.

Paula and I attended this class together.
In this class we were taught different ribbon techniques.

  • Ribbon Laced, brad-studded frame
  • Ribbon Lattice
  • Ribbon wrapped dimensional sticker
  • Sizzix die-cut ribbon
  • Quad-tied ribbons
  • Ribbon-tied rings
  • Ribbon photo centers
    Pages were embellished with mini glitter coaster tags, puff stickers and rhinestone brads.

Ribbon tied on a tagRibbon Flower - Twist 3 3inch pieces of ribbon, insert in the center of a brad to the bottom of brad. Insert brad through a chipboard coaster adhere to page. Separate ribbons and it makes a Flower.Ribbon tied around a puff flower..why in the world I had never tried this I do not know..its is so simple, just twist ribbon around and under the flower. It is SOOOOOO cute.

Ribbon Lattice - how cute it is...just insert picture or tag and you are ready to go. You adhere ribbon only on the ends to edge of pageRibbon photo corners. Take 2 1/2 inch ribbon, wrap around photo mat, adhere only on back of mat.

Ribbon laced, brad-studded frame - How cute is that..... punch 4 holes in side of frame. Lace ribbon 12 inches long through the holes and tie off. Top off with brads in the holes.Sizzix die-cut ribbon - purple "ric-rac". Also Quad-tied ribbons through the hole of the letter in this book.

I will post more on the 2ND day soon. Have a great weekend.

Love, Debbie

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