Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

What a Funny Story
On April 1st I am always reminded of a funny story. How my husband and I started dating. Hummm....well here it goes.
My Mom and I had stopped by my step-fathers work to talk to him. As we were waiting for him to come outside, another worker drove by on his Brand New Yamaha shiny black motorcycle. I commented that I wish he would give me a ride on it. Little did I know as soon as he walked by, Mom would call out his name and have him come to the car.
She then tells him that I wish he would take me for a ride on his new motorcycle. I am trying to crawl into my seat, why well let me explain why.
At the time I was the Biscuit maker at Hardee's, had just gotten off work, still in my dirty uniform with flour and dough all over it....mind you, back then it was BROWN POLYESTER.....my hair was a mess, I looked terrible. Believe it or not, he said "OK, I will be out about 4:30 to give you a ride." Of course I didn't turn him down.
So ALL afternoon I spent getting ready to go and was soooooooooo nervous. The ride went well we had a great time. He even did little things on the bike that would make me want to hold on tighter to him. Should of known then what I was up against.
But 26 years from our "first date" we are still doing things to make one another want to hang onto the other. We will celebrate our 26th anniversary this July. We have 2 wonderful sons and a great daughter in love.
The standing joke in our family now, "Who was the biggest fool?" And of course we both just laugh, and say "We are blessed to have the other."
Thanks Mom, for seeing the whole picture....


Cat said...

I love this story!! Thanks for sharing :)

Angie Shope said...

Awww......you and Chuck are so darn cute...gheeze!!! It's pretty easy to see that you two are still "hung" on each other...*grins*