Saturday, July 10, 2010

Western Creations

Look what I received in the mail today. A new cartridge for my Cricut Expression. My husband text me at work today that I received it in the mail today. It was like at 2pm and I didn't get off till 6pm. All I could think about was getting home to try out my new "Old West" Cartridge.

So finally after we had supper and visited with the youngest and his girlfriend, I finally was able to open the box and get to playing...Well after 10pm.

Here are the Cowboy Boots. I thought they were cute. I didn't have much time to play so I cut out a pair in 2 colors just to try it out. I kept the same color scheme for the night.

Then came the Cowboy hat. It was 2 steps. I had to cut the hat then the band and then to assemble. After I used my scrapbook adhesive tape I had the Wonderful Cowboy Hat.

Here are 3 saddles I cut them in different sizes, just to see the effects. I can cut from 1" up to 23.5 inches. I love my Cricut Expression.

Each die cut has small cuts in them to embellish the piece, with the stitches and folds, etc on each piece. If you do not have a Cricut you need to purchase one, you wouldn't be disappointed.

I will be using these on my Western BBQ Palooza pages. I almost posted a page tonight, but thought no, I don't want to post any yet till I get some more pages finished so that I will have good pics to display on here.

Well I need to call it a night, I have to work tomorrow. Oh I didn't mention, I am the Administrative Assistant at our Church now. I love my knew job. Sweet dreams everyone and God Bless! Love, Debxx

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Paula Clare said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I REEEEEEEEALLY like the Western Alphabet...I can see between the two of us we will keep your cricut humming! WOOT!