Friday, July 9, 2010

Cakes By Debbie

I promised you I would be back with some pics of some of the cakes that I have decorated this past year. I haven't did many, but the one's I did have been for some very special people.

I also, had the privilege of teaching a very Special young lady how to decorate so that she could decorate the cakes for her Sister's baby Shower, for her first nephew. It was a blast! She has been very special to us for years. My son and her dated for 3-4 years, then she went to college so they are now just wonderful friends. So as her and I were decorating the cakes, Caleb pipes up and says "I can do that" and of course Jessi says "yeah right." Needless to say the competition began.

It was so much fun watching them to laugh and giggle at each others stars as they decorated the bear shape cakes.

I think they turned out really great! One cake was chocolate and one was white. They used M&M's for their eyes. Then used Chocolate Chips on the Paws.

While they were working on that I was working on a sheet cake to go along with them. They were having a large family shower. They just wanted it plain so I did it in the Blue and White, with his name and booties on each corner.

Here is a close up of one of the little booties.
These cakes were for the Family Shower one weekend, then the next weekend I turned around and decorated this cake with Handy Manny on it for the Friends Shower.

Ok, I will close with this one since it turned into a book and will post again soon with another cake.

I have been working on a Western Scrapbook with my Western BBQ pictures in it, as soon as I have it completed I will be posting pics on it also.
Until we meet again my friends, many blessing to you.

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