Sunday, June 29, 2008

My new present

I guess I have been a good girl. I was asked to stop by my friends house. And look what I came home with. She knows that I am wanting to go cottage style decorating. And its in my color...I love blue. The Quilt is so beautiful.
Close up of quilt so that you can see the color and detail.
Here is the full view of the quilt. I really love it....I might have to straighten it some and leave it on my couch.
Meet my little buddy, Hollie, She thought it was her new blankie....First dog I have ever seen that LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSsss to lay under blankets all the time...she is so precious.

Well I am finished rambling, I will close now. Hope enjoyed looking at my new quilt as much as I do....smiles

Have a Super Sunday.


1 comment:

paula clare said...

Well, it DOES look lovely on your couch! Just as I suspected! However, don't let it go to your head! teehee