Wednesday, June 25, 2008

day six: good griddins

Good griddins was the 6Th project for the Teresa McFaydren's e-zine.

"Bringing order to chaos is easily achieved with the help of grids on your journal pages. This technique is also a super one to use when you feel like journeying, and again fearing white blank pages.

It's also great fun to do--sorta like a puzzle! Let's give it a go and see what happens. Keep in mind that this is the technique to try today--but you are always welcome to adapt the technique to your liking. Variations from the path foster growth--so if you feel like changing things a bit, do it! Be sure to share your pages on the Flickr site so we can admire your pages!"

Page one of my "griddin's" pages. I divided this page into 6 grids, "the take time to smell the roses" is a picture of one of my ATC's that I made.

The second page is also divided into 6 grids. I the lady in the top row, center grid is the back side of my ATC. The rose picture is from my garden.
I love the little garden fairy that I used.

This procedure was completed by using stippling with a paint brush.

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paula clare said...

Really that pink! (WEIRD!!)

Debbie said...

thanks Paula, Fuschia has always been one of my FAV colors.....