Thursday, June 12, 2008

Proud new owner

My friends and I had an evening of shopping last night...We hit the lovely Thrifty Treasure's in O'Fallon where I found some beautiful Vintage crocheted placemates in the awesome blue color that I will use as a theme when I convert my home over to a Cottage style...I so can't wait till I have enough items to start doing it with. But that will be a whole different post at a later time. Oh and I put the most gorgeous kitchen table on layaway there, seats 2 has a little drawer on the side....I so fell in love with it...again you will have to wait for pics.

After leaving there we went on to St. Clair Shopping Center, Fairview Heights, IL. We hit the usual stops, Archiever's, Michael's, ate at Bandanna's BBQ. If you have never ate there its a must...YUMMMY, BBQ pulled beef and pork sandwich, POTATO SALAD is a MUST, and of course there AWESOME fried Corn on the Cob.....(Sorry there went the diet). :-) But oHHHHHHHHHH so worth it.

You are probably wondering what is to do with the title. You know I probably didn't start this post to tell you about the place mats and the yummy food I had yesterday. Well you are right.

We went to Wal-Mart, and you are thinking soooooo. What's so special about a trip to Wal-Mart.....well if you come walking out of Wal-Mart with a brand spankin new CRICUT EXPRESSIONS in your hand...Then you would see what was sooooooooooooooo special about that trip. YES you read right, I am the PROUD OWNER of a CRICUT EXPRESSIONS. I am so excited, I have waited sooooooo long for one.

May I introduce you to my newest companion. Well enough talk I am off of here to go play with it....

Thanks for stopping by,



Cat said...

hi!! we had bandana's last night--SOOOOO good. Congrats on your cricut. my mom has one and just loves it. we made big huge welcome home Paul posters for Paul with it when he returned from AFghnaistan.
Movers today, so not a lot of internet for the next few weeks. much love-cat

Debbie said...

Hi!!!!! Cat, I love it, has been so much fun playing with it. Wow, its that time itsn't it. Sure going to miss you. Sending you safe travel mercies on your trip to London. Hugssssssss