Friday, June 27, 2008

Seeing wildlife

A few weeks ago after coming home from a going away party for a dear friend of mine. I was almost home when I seen a Fawn in the middle of the road. Of course I had to stop and try and get pictures. Well not only did I get pictures I even petted the little guy on the nose and between the ears. Isn't he just the cutest thing ever. I keep saying "he" "him", I am not for sure which it is, but "he" is still darling? He could hardly walk. He would wobble a few steps and then lay down...was so precious.

For those of you who are worried because I touched him. He is doing just fine. I have seen him a couple times since then and is twice the size he was.

This week we have been in VBS all week, one night after church hubby and I went to yummy McD's for supper. After we left there, we stopped at a home near McDonald's and took these pictures of baby skunks. They were so cute. Their stink glands are not active at this age...

I took this little guys picture....look how he has the white patch on his forehead, the only white that is on him. He was starting to get aggressive with me, I had messed with him long enough. He was letting me know enough was enough. The next picture is of him only from the side, he is all black.

These two were playing up by a house across the road from the other skunk. They were just a few steps from the front porch of this house.

This picture is of one of them by themselves. Looking at me.

This next picture is showing one of them after they went under the "deck" at this house. He is looking back at me from under the stairs through the lattice work.

Here is one of the skunks right below the front porch by the guys golf balls they had left outside. The people were not home, so had no clue the little guys were any where around.

This picture shows the 2 walking away from the crazy lady with the camera.

After we left here, we hadn't gone 2 miles we seen a red fox and another deer. We couldn't get stopped in time to get pictures of the deer or red fox.

The funny thing is the skunks, the red fox, and full grown deer were all seen within city limits of Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Within a 3 mile range.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.




Jennie said...

We live not far from the country, and love walking in the fields...Thanks for stopping by my blog
Jennie x

Debbie said...

We love going for walks out here in the country also. thanks for stopping by Jennie