Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I love Spring Flowers

We went on a walk this evening, oh wow the wonderful smells that were enjoyed on our walk. The Honeysuckle is in full bloom right now...MMMMM it was so yummy.

The Blackberries are right on schedule, so hopefully around the 4Th of July or shortly after we will have yummy ripe Blackberries.

The Wild Rose Bushes are blooming like crazy also. They are so Beautiful, but watch out for their thorns.

My daisy's are starting to bloom, they are always so beautiful.

Ahmm.....I am not for sure what to call these little guys. I am actually trying to teach myself how to make crocheted flowers. I love the ones you can buy for your scrapbook pages, but have you priced them lately...ouch. I will keep trying to perfect mine.

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paula clare said...

Beautiful! I can almost smell the honeysuckle from HERE! I have a wild blackberry bush and a mimosa tree...I'm waiting for THEM to bloom...their aromas are heavenly!