Friday, June 6, 2008

Empty Nest........NOOOOO


As you know my baby graduated this past May. I am so dreading my little guy going off to College this fall. I am so proud of him wanting to go into
the medical field. I lost a wonderful sister 5 years ago to Leukemia...I MISSSSSSSSSSSSSsssss her dearly. He has decided to go into Radiology. He told me he wanted to go into this field, that way, heaven forbid if someone else would get cancer, but he could help take care of them. He has such a kind and sweet spirit.
My beautiful sister Melissa (Smith) Casconi

I lifted a post my Dear Sister Paula but on another Blog, I hope they do not care, but it touched me so. I will have to remember to use them when my baby (who stands 5'10", Mom 5'5") leaves for college this fall. Hope this helps.

paula clare said...
I have been privately emailed by several soon to be empty nesters regarding helpful hints for said sad mommies...I thought I'd post them here...I hope you don't mind Trish (YOU are the one who started this, what with the commenting about it being KINDERGARTEN and not high school, etc. :-) ) And so, without further adieu, hints on Coping: Let's see...

1. Remain calm.

2. ALWAYS carry tissues with you...(even the drive thru lane of McDonald's can bring you to tears while waxing nostalgic, one can think of the "Happy Meal" days of yesteryear and before you know it, BAM! The flood ensues)

3. Remember you'll ALWAYS be a mom...just not in the same capacity.

4. Ignore rule 1.

5. If you don't have a hobby, GET ONE! Go on trips with girlfriends, go back to college, take up making pottery, become an archaeologist...DO something to fill the hours. (Bear in mind "sad" still catches up with you...but it's infinitely easier to deal with if you're too busy to ruminate!)

Paula Clare aka Disgruntled Empty Nester

P.S. Blogging is one hobby *I* took up to help fill some of the empty nest time!)

I hope these help you.. Thanks Paula and Trish.

God Bless,



Sherry/Cherie said...

Debbie, congratulations on your son's graduation. He may make you an "emtpy nester", but trust me -- they come back!!! My oldest went to University last year (out of town) and he's home for the summer (I still have a 16 year old son here).

Bless his heart for wanting to go into radiology. I know your sister will be what sparked the desire, but we need more young people like him.

As a 3 year breast cancer survivor, I give thanks every day for those who helped me in radiation treatment -- from the oncologist to the technicians.

Debbie said...

Sherry, thank you for your kind words. My son said thanks also, he was touched by your comment. God Bless you

Mandi said...

I cant believe everyone is all grown up. Im glad to hear he's going into the medical field! Nursing has always been a passion of mine and I finally decided to go back to where I left off at 18 and go a little further with it. Im in school for Patient Care Technician right now. I love it. I believe God instills these drives into us to lead us in the direction he wants us to go. I think I denied or ignored that for years. I know God gave me that passion for a reason. If you follow your heart , with God in it , you cant go wrong. God will alawys show you a way.

Now you will have to do all the things you havnet been able to do with kids at home hehe. Enjoy your time alone together. And you know they'll be back home for something at some point. I dont think you ever get rid of us lol. (my mom jokes Im three hours away and still can get on her nerves lol)

God Bless your family . Lots of love..... Mandi

Debbie said...

Thanks Mandi, I know they will still be around, just not under foot. I am also looking forward to mine and Chuck's time. The Lord will take care of it all. God Bless you and your family.