Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ten Things

ten things I am loving right now:

1. Loving the Spring Wildflowers that have bloomed.
2. Watching my Hubby, Chuck, play the role of the Rabbi, in Synagogue School at Vacation Bible School this week.

3. I am loving watching the children at Vacation Bible School, learning new rituals and crafts .

4. My roses are just full and beautiful this year.

5. I am enjoying my sewing again. I have made approx. 45 outfits for Vacation Bible School this year. We are using the program from "Groups Holy Land Adventure". This year we are visiting "Jerusalem Marketplace- Where Jesus Walked to the Cross." The outfits that the children above and the Rabbi are wearing, I made those out fits.

6. The clouds have been just beautiful after VBS on the way home. We stopped on the way home Monday night so that I could get these pics. This is only 2 of the many that I did take, others will be seen soon in a new post.

7. I am loving the time Chuck and I are spending in the Hot Tub.

8. The long walks we take with our pets, Kylee- German Shepherd and Hollie- Dachshund. We love our pets.

9. I love working on my Summer Art Journal that Teresa McFayden is teaching this Summer.

10. I love anything crafty. I made this cute box for the Monday Mix Media challenge a few weeks ago.

Thanks SouleMama for the challenge. You can go over to her site to see what she listed. What 10 things are you loving right now.....Tag Paula its your turn.

This was fun, thanks for stopping by.




Ginger said...

Hi debbie wanted to thank you so much for drtopping by my website.
You like lot of things i do too.
was fun reading about you.My hubbie was born in Ill. i found him in s.calif. when his family moved there when he was 13 or 14.Im going back looking at your blog
best of fun at vbc. I went as a child and i also did puppets in collage .Hugs have a wonderful day and drop by please again.
hugs ginger(lovestodream)

Debbie said...

Thanks for dropping by Ginger!! We are having a blast at VBS.