Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 5: It's a Summer Breeze

A Summer Breeze was the title of Day 5 for the E-zine from Teresa McFayden.

Two great techniques for you today. So, relax--sit back, have a look see and enjoy the cool summer breeze. Yes, we have a double dose today! 2 fun techniques to share. First the visual one, then the journaling one.

This was a fun technique called Pointillism. We used the "pointed" end of a paint brush.. the tip of the handle. We would press it onto the stamp pad or into paint the "dot" it onto the canvas. Was a little time consumming but a lot of fun.

If you pay attention to just the Capital Colored Letters, and you would see that they spell out Summer Memories. So each letter represents a memory from summer's past.

Thanks Teresa, and everyone that stopped by.


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