Friday, June 13, 2008

Write Place, Write Time Summer Journal

I want to let you know why I haven't been posting as much. I have started a new Summer Journal. It is taking a lot of times for some of the projects but I am Loving every minute of it. Accomplishing some things that I didn't know I could do.

Teresa McFayden, is the author of this fabulous E-Zine. I am going to quote her and allow her to explain it.

"Is there ever a right place or time for artistic play? What would you write or create on those pages? If you hesitated to respond, then this summer journal escapade is for you. Every Monday Wednesday and Friday between June 2 - June 27, the E-Zine will feature a new journal prompt, detailed technique or artful exercise. If you have an old blank book (6x8 or so in size), pens or markers you like, interesting embellishments and patterned papers, you have most of what you need for this E-Zine. Truly! Several down loadable templates and even a video or two of techniques also will be included. I’ve taught similar journaling courses over the years and they are always very well received. Past students have loved these exercises. I’ve updated my lesson plans and added more just for Write Time, Write Place. It’s like getting a little bit of inspiration every other morning! It’s paperless! No advertisements, no 6 month old projects. Just techniques, 12 projects with detailed instructions and photo step outs, ideas and fun with your fellow subscribers! View the site as many times as you like. Many subscribers print out the projects for safe keeping and for easy referral later." Thanks Teresa.

Please go over to her fabulous blog and see her great artwork. She is a wonderful teacher. The first project was called "defining you". We made a 2 page spread about our self. "Defining" our self. We used a color blending technique, found a picture of our self to use, and then came up with words that we thought defined us. Here is my take on it.

Here is the first page of my layout.

Here is the second page of my layout. I used the blending technique on my hand. It was a 3 step process. 1. color with a light color of your choice 2. Pick a color that is a little darker and color with medium pressure. Also color in different angles. 3. Take a darker color, outline the right side and bottom of your color. Take your first color now and pushing hard, "blend your colors". Pulling your highlight colors into the others.

Thanks for inspiring us Teresa.


Cat said...

cool technique! I love the hand on your layout. Inspiring!!

Debbie said...

Thanks Cat, it has been a blast, learning lots of things I never knew I could do...wooo hooo