Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pocket Sewing Kit

I have wanted a Pocket Sewing Kit for awhile now. So today when I was posting "The Ten Things" and I posted a picture of my material. I thought "hey I can make one using some of the new material I purchased.

I cut 2 pieces of material about 10 inches long by 4.5 inches wide. I cut a piece of quilt batting the same size. But trimmed it down on the sides before I stitched around all four sides, leaving a small opening for turning. I had also pinned some Pom Pom fringe along the top edge, so it would be out when I turned the material. I folded the bottom up to make a "pocket", I top stitched both long edges, catching the folded edge to make the "pocket".

Then I started embellishing it with Vintage rick rack to hold the scissors and needle bottle in place. Inside of the fold I pinned safety pins and placed a piece of card board with different colors of thread wrapped around it inside of the pocket. I sewed a small piece of rick rack on the scissors and snapped the rick rack to the inside of the "pocket kit". I tied buttons on the inside of the flap so that when needed they could easily be removed. Then to finish it off, there is a snap on the inside of the flap to hold it close.

I think it turned out really "cute." Couldn't think of another word for it.

I also think this will work for Hels new "In My Pocket" Challenge. With this challenge you have to hide the "theme" inside of the pocket. And the theme this time was BUTTONS. SO I am going to summit my piece and see what she thinks.

Well it's past time for bed, talk to you all tomorrow.

Hugs and good night,



Hels said...

Well Debbie this is by far the most unique pocket and I think it is wonderful!! That material is beautiful and you have made it look so special. Thank you for joining in and it is great to see you back - hope your craft room stays least for a little while! Hugs x

Debbie said...

Thanks Hels, Yes I hope it does also. Thanks for the great challenge

stamp and scrape said...

How lovely to make a real sewing pocket - I'm sure you won't lose your scissors now.

Andrea said...

this is excellent, love it x

Ginger said...

Oh my isn't that just so cute.I love making things like this great for gifts anytime.It's all new sewing back little girls are back wanting to know how to sew this be great way to start them collecting there sewin items. love it debbie great job my friend!

Debbie said...

Thanks Ros, Andrea, Ginger

It was so easy and alot of fun. Ginger feel free to help the girls make one, any questions just email me, I think it took less then 30 mins from beginning to end.


Angie C said...

What a great pocket you have made and a funtional one too - at least you shouldn't loose things now :-)

Debbie said...

I am sure it will work. Thanks for stopping by Angie