Monday, June 16, 2008

Vintage Finds

Recently Kell, IL held their city wide Rummage Sales. And of course I had to go and check out all the rummage sales. It took me almost 3 hours to hit all the sales but did I find some awesome things.

I found the beautiful bowl. It has flowers on the front and back, then has raised flowers on each side. The bowl is registered, it has a number on the bottom. I am not sure what it is, but I am researching it. If you have any information, please contact me.

Here is the back side of the bowl with the pretty little flower.
I love the raised flower that is on both sides. The bowl is in perfect condition. It is a powder blue with purple and white flowers. The top edge of the bowl is scalloped.

I love this square table cloth. It has flowers all over it. The flowers are 2 shades of pink. It is hand embroidered with the flowers appliqued on it then embroidered around them. It would cover a small table, I have it on my sewing cabinet and is short too short to cover it from side to side.

These beautiful napkins go along with the beautiful table cloth. Six napkins go along with the table cloth. The table cloth and napkins are in excellent condition.

My find of the day was this box of Vintage seam binding and a few packages of Vintage rick rack. There was also a few Vintage buttons in the box also. I paid 25c for the WHOLE box...I couldn't believe it!! Some of the Vintage Rick Rack was only .10c. WOW!

I also found this wicker basket full of Vintage Rick Rack, with a few spools of ribbon. If you look in front of the basket there is a old green wooden thread spool, they have wrapped it with ribbon. Such a cute idea. There was also a Buckle kit and some grommets. I also paid .25c for the basket of goodies.

This Singer Width Extension Guide was in the bottom of the box of rick rack. It looks like it was never used. The envelope is very brittle and discolored.

I found a large shopping bag of Crochet thread. I believe there was 25 spools of the Crochet thread, a couple projects that had been started, and two crochet hooks. I paid $5.oo for the whole lot of them.. I was so happy to find this I am trying to learn how to make the little Rosettes that everyone is using on their scrapbook pages.

This table runner is very pretty sorry for the picture not being too good. The center of the sewing is a "crown" with a red rose as the jewel with flowers and vines to each side of the crown. There is red stitching all the way around the table runner.

Repeated several times around the sides of the table runner is this pretty grouping of flowers.

I have always loved dolls and when I seen her I could pass her up. Especially since they were only asking $2.00. The elderly lady said she had so many of them and wanted others to be able to enjoy them like she has all her life.

I still am not sure why I picked these up, I guess because they are so cute. And they remind me of the coffee pot that I seen Mom use for many years. She made coffee on the stove instead of a Machine when I was a little girl.

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