Monday, December 15, 2008

Very Vintage Christmas Swap

Heidi over on Foxgloves, Fabrics and Folly hosted a wonderful Vintage Christmas Swap.
My wonderful Swap partner Linda, has an awesome blog: LBP Sews.
She sent me some awesome presents. I just love them all. Please be
prepared for a LONG post. =)

I opened my box, removed the packing and there they were. Presents never ending it seemed.
All I could see was present after present, I was like a kid on Christmas Morning.
Look at all these wonderful wrapped gifts. I am telling you I wanted to rip into
as soon as I took one out. But I knew I wanted a pic of them all together,
so I waited.
LOOOK!!! At all of those wonderful presents, my table is so full of goodies. I LOVE the ELF pillow. He has crystals hanging from the points on his shirt. He has an awesome smile, he is so Happy that its Christmas time.

I love this Vintage Cookie Book. It was printed in 1963. (that is actually the year I was born)
I love it. I have made some cookies out of it already. (that's another post soon)

She made this awesome Joy Banner. I love it.

Christmas cookie cutter, Santa toothpick holder, and a very pretty Cheese Ball Plate.
I can't wait to put my cheese ball on it Christmas Day. So pretty.

Look at these pretty Christmas towels that I can hang in the Kitchen..and a Green Rubber

I love homemade ornaments. They are so sweet I can't wait till I get my tree tonight and put
them on my tree full of homemade ornaments that my boys and I have made over the years.

I love this pewter Santa key. How I would loved to of had this when my guys were little.
We never had a fireplace, I had always told the boys that Santa had a special key to open
our door and come in.
The story that comes with the key, "Please don't worry -
If your house has no chimney,
I can still deliver your toys,
I won't ring your bell or knock on your door,
'cause I'd wake you with all of that noise.
If you'll hang this magic Santa Key
on your doorknob Christmas Eve,
I'll let myself in, deliver your
presents, and then I'll quietly leave!


Here is a facial shot of the Santa toothpick holder.

Some vintage items: Vintage Postcard from 1908, A "vintage picture" with a magnetic calendar on it, and the Awesome Christmas journal/Recipe book. I love it and have started putting
our favorite Christmas recipes in it.
This very cute candy dish it has 4 different Christmas designs on all 4 sides: Christmas tree, Snowman, Santa, Reindeer. The dish was filled with mints.

I saved the best for last. I dearly love this Snowman. He is so CUTE.....hugging the little deer and has a snowflake in has hand. He has such a cute smile.

Linda I want to say THANKS...I love everything!.

Thanks for stopping by,



Paula Clare said...

Oh wow! How completely wonderful! I LOVE the snowman and reindeer! I bet you feel like you've hit the mother lode, huh? I just love it when swaps turn out so great, don't you? Thanks for sharing!

lv2scpbk said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas.