Saturday, November 8, 2008

Making flowers for a friends wedding.

I love making flower arrangements. I haven't had a chance to make any arrangements in along time. Both of my boys wanted me to make flowers for their high school dances, I felt so honored when they asked me too. My mother taught me how to make flower arrangements and I really enjoy it.

My best friend, Paula, my Sistuh, as she says. Her son Paul and Leah are getting married on Nov. 22ND and they needed someone to make flowers. I told Paula, I could make them if needed. So this is what I have been doing.

(front view)

This flower is for the Mothers and Grandmothers.

(right side view)

(left side view)

The flowers for the Men involved.

Two views of the flowers for the Bridesmaids.

The beautiful bride to be made her own bouquet, the basket for the flower girl, and pillow for the ring bearer. Thanks Paul and Leah for allowing me to be part of your wedding. I wish you both the best of everything and a LONG happy life.

Now I just need to get the Wedding Cake made.

There will be more pictures to come.



Paula Clare said...

Hi Deb,
THANK YOU for taking what felt like an ENORMOUS, COSTLY task and making it something beautiful! I know Leah is immeasurably blessed by your generosity and willingness to save them HUNDREDS (maybe THOUSANDS) of dollars by making both the cake and the flowers for them. No one will ever know the wedding was done on a budget! Everything looks amazing!

Thank you again,
Mom of the Groom
Yo Sistuh, Paula

Jennie said...

Great Flowers. Hopw we get to see the cake too :)

Julie said...

ABSOLUTELY WOW - really, they are outstanding!!