Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gowns for The Blogger's Ball

I am so excited, I am here at my Pinking Shire Castle getting ready for The Bloggers Ball. My hair and nails are done, the look so beautiful. Just finished with my makeup. Looking pretty good if I do not say so myself. Now if only I could decide on which dress to wear. Let me show you how beautiful each of my gowns are. My seamstress has been so busy the past several months trying to create the perfect gown for me. You know only the BEST for the Duchess of Pinking Shire.

I love this silver gown with flowing circles of velvet. The soft silver belt and diamonds around the hemline. I have a wonderful silver shawl to put over my shoulders to protect me from the cool night air. I will wear my diamond choker and carry my silver clutch. I have beautiful Yellow Roses from my wonderful garden, that I will present to the Queen.

Oh my Beautiful Orchid and Lilac layered gown. I love the layers of silk. The iridescence ribbons and lace around the bottom will shimmer in the Ball Room lights. I will wear my Gold high heels and carry the most beautiful Gold Fan that has been handed down several generations. I will carry Orchids and Lilacs to give our Majesty.

Oh my Pretty Pink Gown.....I always wanted to be Pretty In Pink.... The Beautiful Gown fits just right in all the right places *wink* and is free flowing long from the waist down. I love the beautiful two tone colored flowers, the silver rhinestones, the soft ribbon belt with beads on the tip of it. I have a matching handbag. My jeweler made me a AWESOME two tone pearl and crystal necklace with matching earrings. I will give the Queen Pretty Pink Roses from my garden.

Oh how I love this Orchid and Lilac backless Gown. I love the lilac and orchid rhinestones on the blouse of the Gown. I love the long free flowing skirt and lilac belt with Rhinestone Buttons on the belt. I will wear the Diamond Choker with this gown. I will have Orchids and Lilac picked from the garden to present to the Queen.

I wish you could join us, if you find this and do not have a dress PLEASE just let me know..I have plenty of Ball Gowns, and can only wear one tonight. Hope you have enjoyed looking at my Ball Gowns.

Oh decisions, decisions......I guess the pink one wins.....Or the full purple one. SEEE I still can't decide.......hmmmmmmmm...............


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