Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What A Wonderful Easter We Had.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. My family did, attended a awesome service at our church. Then spent time on both sides of the family.

We were able to spend time with Chuck's Great Nephew and his little cousin. Devin and Jacob are two beautiful baby boy's.

Devin (8 months) Jacob (5 months)

I see some CUTE scrapbook pages with these LITTLE CUTIE'S pictures on them. I found out that I can still rock little ones to sleep. I was honored to rock Jacob to sleep.

I must of been a good girl, (picture of me and Easter Bunny was taken at work). I received an Easter Basket full of Easter stickers, Spring stickers, Wonderful Ribbons, some very colorful material, beaded fringe, and some wooden spools. I can't wait to dig in...I love NEW things for my crafts, etc. OHHHHH I almost forgot the chipboard letters.
I will be adding a new slide show tomorrow, can't wait to show you all the WONDERFUL new finds that I have....material, chipboard letters, ribbons, lace, scrapbook retreat door prize that I won....oh so many wonderful things.
Please go to Paula's blog and check out the WONDERFUL Blogger Ball she is going to host this Saturday, March 29, 2008 from 6-12:00.
Thanks, In His Name,

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paula clare said...

Hey girlfriend, way to stock up on the Easter boo-tay! *I* didn't get anything for Easter...I felt like Charlie Brown on Halloween..."All I got was a rock." ha

The picture of you and E. Bunny is great...who took the photo? I was in the store and never saw the mysterious E. Where was he/she hiding? Perhaps you should explain to said Bunny that it's the EGGS that hide, NOT the bunny!