Sunday, March 9, 2008

Welcome to my site

Well I am new at this, I hope in time that this will be a really cool place that you will want to visit. I love doing crafts; altered art, scrapbooks, and sewing. I also love to cook and bake. I bake and decorate cakes and cookies also. So from time to time you will see pictures of the latest cake I am working on. In the summers I love to garden, go camping, hikes, and bike rides. I love taking digital pictures, I am just learning how to do digital creations on the computer, so BEWARE. =) I am excited about sharing my creations with you. I love surfing the Internet to find new projects to work on.
A very close and dear friend/sister of mine said that I was crafty and I needed to start a blog to share my crafts with everyone. So here I am, I hope you enjoy visiting my site as I am excited about sharing them with you.

I recently discovered INCHIES on the Internet (my sweet sister was talking about them also). I love doing them, they are very simple and something that I can do while watching television with my husband, Chuck and son, Caleb.

I also get ideas from Art magazines. I love this day of technology, so many places to look and surf for ideas. One of my favorite magazine's is Somerset Studio. In the Volume 1 Issue 1 2007, I found these darling little House Pins, by Artist Victoria Gertenback, that I just had to make. I love them, I know it will be something I will be making from time to time.

Well I guess I have bent your ears/eyes long enough for the first post. I will be back again soon to share more I am sure.



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paula clare said...

Hey girlfriend! You've made it! You've entered the Kingdom of Blogdom! Welcome to the cybervillage! I hope this is a fun and rewarding experience for you...I'll keep an eye on you and your blog. Thanks for the link!