Sunday, May 18, 2008

Graduation Day

(Aug. 2007)
Well its finally here, my youngest son, Caleb Lee will be graduating from High School today. I can hardly believe that time has passed so fast. Is Mom ready for this ......NOOOOOOOOO I am not ready for the house to be totally quite, and No Loud music, No games playing, Mom can I have some money, and so on.

I have enjoyed my children both boys, Curtis and Caleb, have turned into fine young men. Has it always been a easy road, NO but we made it through it all and I am Very Proud of them both.

(May 2008)

So today Mom will watch her baby walk across the stage get his diploma and start preparing for the College life this fall. I love you Caleb, wish you the best, I know you will be fine, just know I am always here for you. Remember to keep Christ first in your life. I am Proud of you son.

Love you,



Hels said...

Congrats to Caleb, I bet you are as proud as punch Debbie, enjoy the day hun x

Debbie said...

Yes Hels, I am very proud of him, we had a wonderful day.

Thanks for stopping byxxxx

Cat said...

Your son is so adorable and just as nice as he is cute! SO glad I got to meet him and a big Congratulations on his graduation :)

Debbie said...

Thanks Cat, we are very proud of him. xxxx