Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Warm Spring Walks

My Husband, Chuck and I, love going on long warm Spring walks in the evenings. (sorry this isn't a good pic, I tried taking one of us on a walk early this spring, it was a sunny cool spring afternoon....) When we go on walks we take our babies along with us.

The Shepherd is Chuck's baby, Kylee and the Dachshund is my baby girl, Hollie. She gets chilled real easy so early this Spring she had to wear her coat.

Today was really nice though, we were able to walk without our jackets and the dogs loved to run and romp as we went for our walk. We could hear the Red wing Blackbirds singing in the fields.(wish I could of gotten closer to them they were so beautiful.)

Even our neighbors cattle were in the pasture enjoying the beautiful Spring afternoon. They were eating the fresh green grass as we passed by. There were several little calves kicking their heels up.

Hope you are able to enjoy the warm Spring days around your home.



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