Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sunday Stampers Challenge

I used my Grungy tags that are tea stained and scented
with vanilla.
I stamped them with my stamps from "Close to Heart" they
are acyclic stamps.
The background is a description about, "family, friends, love".
Then stamped those words on top of their description's.
I used my Powder Puff ink from Quick Quotes to stamp
the descriptions of each word.
I used my Color Box Pigment Cat's eye, in Rose color
to stamp the words, "family, friends, love" on the top
of each tag. I used the same Cats eye, and distressed
the edges of each tag.
Thanks for visiting my site.


Hels said...

Wow, stunning tags, I wish I had "smelly internet" :O)) The vanilla sounds great! Thanks for joinin in xx

Sue said...

These are lovely tags xx

Debbie said...

Thanks Hels and Sue

Cat said...'d you get the vanilla scent???

Debbie said...

the tags were soaked in tea and vanilla.