Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hanging in this Charming Neighborhood

My neighborhood from the In This House Swap finally
arrived. And they are GORGEOUS!!!! I received several from
all around the USA and even one from Poland. Wow that was very exciting
when I seen that.

"Old Fashion Halloween," Oregon - "Eye Glass House," Colorado
"Tattoo House," New York - "Cat House," North Carolina

"School House", California - "Music Shop", POLAND
"Birds Nest", Virginia - "Bird House", North Carolina

"Paris House", New York - "Vacation House", Illinois
"Green House", California

"Bea's House", Minnesota - "The Queens House - Her Home-Her Castle", California - "In the Garden", California

"Flower House" North Carolina - "Scrapbookers Happiness" Illinois

"The Stitchery", Kentucky - "Christmas Dreams", Illinois

"The Church House", Michigan

This house was made in honor of her parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary.




Cat said...

Very cool! I didn't quite understand the whole house concept until seeing them all together. VERY NEAT :)

Debbie said...

they were fun to make

lv2scpbk said...

Love the tags. I stopped by to take a look at your layout for 16 weeks challenge and haven't seen it.