Friday, August 22, 2008

Even Tri-County Outages couldn't stop me from crafting

I was wanting to work on projects for the Sweet and Sinister Halloween Swap today. About the time I get my things together the power goes out. Storms have hit Southern Illinois for the past two days. Well I am not wanting to go back to bed, I was to CREATE.

So I start going around the house gathering candles. I have 5 on my table that I am working on, and 4 others around the room, pulled the curtains open. And a crafting I go. =) I almost had my Vintage banner completed when the power came back on 2.5 hours later. Shows, "that when there is a will, there is away!!!!" Pictures will follow as soon as I have completed the banner.

Thanks for stopping by,



SL said...

I admire your determination to craft. I hope you survived the storms without to much damage.

zana said...

You are such a trooper! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!
Keep in touch!

Stefanie said...

oh you are so creative. You are in so many swaps. I enjoyed to scroll in your blog.
Today I start with shopping for our Witches Cupboard swap.I also gathered things for the cupboard.
In former posts I have seen that you also do ATCs. They are wonderful. Perhaps you want to swap with me ATCs too?
PS: I´m more active on my cat blog