Thursday, August 21, 2008

Having fun making Halloween ATC's and Tags


I have had so much fun making these ATC's for Halloween. I used the idea from the Halloween Banner. I painted the white polka dots on the ATC's then added various Halloween characters.
1. Every witch has her black cat. I added the pumpkins and the Black Cat. I applied black glitter to the cat to give him texture.
2. This young Warlord is dreaming how the young Witch will respond when he gives his gift of a new black kitten...oh young love....
3.I had so much fun with this card. I drew the picket finch and painted it onto the black card stock. Then drew in the details to make it look realistic. I added the picture of the flying witch, cat, and pumpkins. Making a Halloween Night scene. Using black glitter around the outside edge of the ATC.
4. This little witch and her cats are sending you Halloween Greetings. I also glittered the glue dots behind her.
5. This Witch is telling you to "Come here my Dear!" Beware of the spell she may cast on you.

You may recognize these 2 ATC's I had used these as a prompt on Hel's sight for a Halloween prompt early this spring.
1. I added the black glitter dots around the young man going trick or treating.
2. I also added glitter to the little witch and her friends.

I made these tags to send with my Swaps.I sent one of each with the apron and potholders I made for Annie for the Halloween/Fall Apron Swap. Shhhhh don't say anything, I haven't heard if she has received it yet. These tags are printed on fabric and then glued to card stock tags, then ribbons added to the top.I cut out these tags, cupcakes, and candles using my Cricut machine. I love that machine, making more and more things with it all the time. These were made for Heidi for the Cupcake Swap. I made these in Halloween theme, just in case she had parties to go to this October. But again Shhhhhhh, I haven't heard from her yet either. Also the one candle represents that she was my First Swap and Partner.

These tags, cupcakes, and rickrack were cut using my Cricut. I also sent these to Heidi.

I will post more on the items I sent to the swap partners at a later date, I do not want to give away all the secrets.

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Anonymous said...

your ATC's are so cute! where did you find such cute clipart?

Debbie said...

thanks fairychild Most of the pics came from ATC set that I had purchased at Red Lead in St. Louis, and then from free sites.