Saturday, August 16, 2008

Resale Halloween and Craft items

On Thursday I went to the Resale shops and I found some goodies to use for Halloween and other crafts this fall. If you click on these pictures you can see them better.
These items I will be using for the Sweet and Sinister Swap that ArtsyMama is hosting on a private blog. I am going to paint the little house black and see a haunted house. I love the 3 candle sconce, might paint it black add crystals how "sweet and sinister" would that be? I see a black spider web being made also. The orange box and basket I know will turn into something really awesome, I am sure.

I love the pumpkin bowl, I think I might clean it up and use it as a candy dish. The candle holder I can see a little guy sneaking through the house scared to death of seeing a Goblin in a dark corner or chasing him down that hall. Some old orange crepe paper, a jingle bell, and match box. The tiles will have something painted or rubbed on them.

A close up of the "spider web" doily, and a pumpkin garland. The black cord runs through the stem on each pumpkin.Look at these cool vintage doll heads, body, and arms. With a little make-up and a softie body I am thinking of a Witch or two. Some of these came from the old Ben Franklin store that use to be in town here. That store hasn't been open since I was a young girl, I believe I was still in grade school. I found these craft items, I am not sure what I am going to make yet, but I will use them on something.I love these Vintage Alphabet cards.
I fell in love with these orange mushroom Macrame beads.

I have been searching for the right book to use for my Halloween journal. I have it now I seen this photo album, its sorta ratty and torn in places, the color has faded. All of that adds to the character of the album. I know it will make an awesome Halloween journal.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my finds, I had a wonderful time finding them. I couldn't believe I found it all for under $10.00. I love going shopping, coming home with 3 bags full of items and only spending a little.

Have a Great Weekend,




Miss Angie said...

WOW Deb! I love all your resale goodies!!! Well, I love resale shops period!!! The old ratty photo album is wonderful!! I know you'll make lots of goodies with your fab finds!


Paula Clare said...

Okay, what kind of bribe must we discuss in order to get my hands on some of those mushroom beads?!?! THEY ARE TOO FABULOUS!!! What a great idea painting a doily black for a spider are OH SO CLEVER!

Talk to you soon!