Monday, July 14, 2008

16 Weeks Challenge

I have been doing a 16 weeks challenge over on Barb's Blog. I haven't posted any of them so I thought I had better start posting some so that she knew I had been doing them. Here is a bit about the Challenge:

16 Weeks Challenge
Starts Saturday, May 3rd., and ends Aug. 16th. One layout a week for 16 weeks. I will post a prompt each Saturday. To get in for the prizes, you must do a layout for each week.

Week 1 Prompt - Awake/Asleep

Awake Layout

For my Awake Layout I decided to use some of the beautiful Spring Flower pictures that I took this Spring. I had several to choose from. "I love the first signs of Spring, It gives us hope for a New Beginning." Just like our Lord always gives us. I am so thank for such a caring Savior.

Asleep Layout

For my Asleep layout, I also used pictures that showed the Earth asleep. No signs of life when these pictures were taken. We had an Ice Storm hit southern IL in March. My son and I were driving around and seen the sign in the middle of my layout. We live in "Kell, Illinois" and the storm hit in "March" and Kell and March were the names on the Road signs. SO I had to have a picture of them. =)

Week 2 Prompt - Likes/Dislikes

Likes Layout
For this prompt I picked some of my favorite things in life. I love spring flowers. Making beautiful cakes, especially Wedding cakes, A Fresh blanket of Snow, and my Mom's sense of humor...Yes my Mom's Christmas Tree is hanging from her ceiling...She is such a nut. I love you Mom. =)

Dislikes Layout

For the Dislikes layout, I used pictures and letter die cuts that I didn't like. I do not like it when my pictures turn out blurry, when the cakes I decorate turn out ugly, When I am stopped by trains when I think I am in a "hurry", and The ice storm that hit our area and blocked the roadway to my house, and destroyed many of the trees in our area.

Week 3 Prompt - Clean/Messy

Messy Layout
I wanted you to see the Messy Layout first, so you would appreciate my Clean Layout. My poor Scrapbook room was terrible till I finally got my shelves and organization. Everytime I would purchase new products they would lay on the table or my desk because I didn't know where to go with them. Or if I needed something that was in one of the 10 totes under the long table, it would get threw on the table. Frustration would set in, then it wouldnt get put up, and I couldn't scrap or do anything. So it was always a mess. Then one day I had it. I boxed everything up, set them outside of my room, told the hubby lets go, we went to the shed I got the shelves out of shed cleaned them up and that was the start of organizing my Scrapbook/Craft Room. YEAH!!

Clean Layout

This is my CLEAN Scrapbook room I am so proud of it. My desk stays so nice..well except when I am doing something. But now I can put the supplies up as soon as I am finished with them. They have a home..=) The first pic is of my desk, 2nd is my new Cricut wonderful, and then one of the Shelves that I put in my room. I have organizers with drawers that helps alot with the organization. There is another set of shelves beside this one that I keep my sewing supplies on, yarn, material, crochet thread, and ribbons. I also have a cabinet with my sewing machine and supplies in the other corner. But couldn't get the pictures of the machine and the shelving unit on this layout.

Week 4 Prompt - Fire, Water, Earth, Wind (had to pick 2)

So I choose Water:

I picked beautiful pictures of people having Fun In the Sun at the beach. There isn't any thing prettier then the blue water against the sandy beach. So thats where my mind went when I seen the prompt for Water.

I also picked Fire:

These are some of the fireworks from our local 4th of July Celebration. The 4th of July is one of my favorite Holidays. Even as a kid I couldn't wait till the 4th of July to get here. The firecracker in the middle of the page is made from cardstock, yarn, and fibers.

Week 5 Prompt - City/Country
(I am really sorry about the scan on this one. I have tried different ways to scan it and it just will not turn out. I guess its because of the light paper that I used to scrap on.)

For the City Prompt I have pictures of Motels, Tall Buildings, Villas, and heated indoor pools...then I commented, " Everything is way too close together. I need breathing space like in the ----->"

Country Prompt

Here I used a picture of my son at a Go-Cart Race in a friends pasture, my sisters dog swimming in the horses water, a long beautiful path that one can go for nice quiet walks, and of course the beautiful wild flowers that one can see on those walks. "Country - A lovely place to Live"

I hope the long post wasn't too bad, but I wanted to get these posted so Barb could see them. Thanks again for the challenge Barb. I have really enjoyed working in it, I will post some more soon, I want everyone recover from this long post first. =).

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paula clare said...

Well, haven't WE been busy?! I LOVE the messy/clean and the city/country layouts. I can relate on both counts...teehee

Although you've ventured into altered art, you're still a scrapbooker at heart. Look how easily you put these together! I would STILL be working on prompt one...cause I would have to EMBELLISH IT TO DEATH before I'd call it "done." HA

Great job...

lv2scpbk said...

Beautiful layouts. I'm glad to see someone is doing them. There may be only around four of you who are if that. Maybe we'll start to see more posting now, since it's almost over. I can't view week 1 for some reason but see all the rest. Great work! Barb

Debbie said...

Thanks Barb and Paula
They have been alot of fun