Friday, July 11, 2008

day nine: distorted sketches

"Grab a pencil with your least dominant hand. I am left handed, so my pencil goes in my right hand. Now, look around you and find something in your immediate surroundings. Zero in on it with your one good eye. the lines and shapes.

"Fixate that squinty eye on the top left (or right) of the object. Draw it on your journal page. Slowly. Very slowly. Study those lines...where are they going? Slow down and study them and map them on the paper with your pencil. Here's the kicker: don't pick up that pencil. Ever. Well, pick up the pencil a couple times if you must (I did) but try your absolute darnedest not to look at your sketch while it's in process. For if you do, you will become stupefied and upset....enjoy this process and look forward to the end result. It will be can bet your bottom dollar on that!

After you've given your sketch color, add some shading now. I used that ever popular charcoal pencil and mostly shaded the right edges of the sketch.

Let's move on to the other page now. Add a few snips of paper, or doodles and spritzes of color to pull things together. Company's coming for crying out loud...we gotta clean this mess up! I left room for journaling. Hope you do, too."

This was a lot of fun. I had never did anything like this. Was really pleased with the sketch, especially since I did it all with my left hand. I am right handed. Thanks Teresa.

Have a great day!!!



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