Sunday, July 6, 2008

What brings tears to your eyes?

Weekend Wandering, by David McMahon, over on his blog authorblog is wanting to know "What brings tears to your eyes?"
Please answer today's question on your own blog, any time until next weekend. Just link to this blog (or to this post) so I can follow the progress of the discussion.

The question is: What brings tears to your eyes?

1. If someone in my family is hurting.
2. Watching my son and his track team, them trying their hardest, the effort they put into their performance..I don't know why, but it just chokes me up at every meet. (they are a great team, 1st place in sectionals, and several went to state this year)
3. Weddings make me cry.
4. Onions
5. A good sermon at church.
6. Sad movies
7. Commentaries on TV about People or Animals being mistreated.
8. Families of disasters...seeing what they are enduring on TV, breaks my heart. I helped clean up after Katrina in New Orleans, and I still cannot talk about it...Was so terrible to see what everyone lost, they their whole life and throwing it to the curb for the trash companies to pitch it away. Losing their homes, cars, etc...was so devastating.

So post what tears you up, and link back to David's Blog.

Thanks for playing along.



Louise said...

I liked what you said about the track meets. My kids are too young for this, but I'm sure I'll be the same way when they are in some competition--good or bad results!

Maggie May said...

Yes I have to agree with all those kind of things. they would set me off! I will be posting later on.

Jeni said...

Reading others posts of what makes them cry makes me cry too -but makes me happy all the same to know I'm not alone with my self-proclaimed status as a crybaby!

Debbie said...

Thanks Ladies for your comments...and visiting