Saturday, July 19, 2008

Scrapbooking and Craving Ham and Beans

The past two days (Thursday and Friday) have been a blast. I spent them with my nieces and we scrap booked till 9:30pm on Thursday. I loaded my goodies into my Jeep then headed to Mom's. Mom and I set and had coffee and talked a while. Then on Friday the girls came over to my house and scrap booked for about 3 hours. They are going to come back soon. (And I didn't think to get a picture one from Friday while they were here.) ;(

I decided it would be A LOT EASIER if they came to my house from now on. Whew, just didn't know for sure what to take. So I took almost everything.....not really, I have a room dedicated for my crafts.

This is my sweet niece Corissa. I went over to scrapbook with her and give her some pointers. We had a blast, laughing, throwing comments back and forth at each other. Constantly, reminding her that journaling is VERY IMPORTANT, and embellishing the Heck out of her pages. Corissa did really good . She had made about 8 pages that day I believe.

Later in the morning my sweet niece Helen joined us. She had never really scrap booked either. So I got her started on 12 X 12 sheets and I am going to get her a scrapbook for her birthday. She did really good, made about 6 pages after she got to rolling. We had pictures taken of us working on our scrapbooks, but I didn't get pictures of our Layouts, I am sorry I will have to get some and post pictures later.

I know you are wondering what "Craving Ham and Beans" has to do with Scrap booking!?! Well Thursday my son Caleb text me and told me to get ahold of my Mom - his Grandma. And tell her that he was hungry for Ham and Beans. You haven't had Ham and Beans until you have had My MOM'S. They are wonderful I am telling you..And her cornbread is to die for....oh my did we eat well for supper that night.

Well Grandma couldn't make them on Thursday, so he had to wait till Friday. But by watching him eat, I believe they were worth waiting for. YUM YUM Mom, you did wonderful again. We Love you...Thank You!!!!
Have a wonerful weekend dear friends!


Vanessa Greenway said...

Hi! What a lovely and creative blog!! blessings, Vanessa

Debbie said...

thanks Vanessa

Daisy Cottage said...

Hi Debbie!
I so enjoyed my visit to your blog - what a beautiful person you are!! And please, please, never stop dreaming of your cottage - I promise you that these dreams do come true! ((((hugs)))

Daisy Cottage

Mandi said...

Looks like fun!

Debbie said...

Thanks Kim for stopping by, I will never give up on that dream. We had a blast Mandi.

Thank you all for stopping by.



redlan said...

nice artworks! I am into scrapbooking too. Good thing bout this blog is you write art instructions. keep it up!