Friday, July 25, 2008

My little guy turned 19 yesterday. Just seems like it was yesterday that I was in the hospital holding him. I can't believe the years have gone by so fast. He has graduated from High School this year, has a great job, and is going to go to college soon. Wow, its all so hard to believe.

On our 7 Anniversary I was in the hospital having Caleb. What a wonderful anniversary present he was. The good Lord blessed me with 2 wonderful boys. I am so proud and honored to be their Mom.

So last night we went to Applebee's had a wonderful dinner and of course had to have the waiters and waitress' sing to my "baby" for his birthday.

I don't know if I want to know what he was thinking at that moment. I know I will pay for it later...he always has a way of getting even....such a cutie...

My husband Chuck and I, we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary yesterday also. I have some handsome men in my life.

Thanks for stopping by.



Mandi said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. Hope you all had a wonderful day! Love ya

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Happy Birthday to your baby boy and Happy Anniversary to you!!! They do grow up fast dont they?? It's amazing!!

Heidi Ann said...

Good Morning Debbie, You DO have some handsome men in your life!!! Congratulations on your anniversary! We will be celebrating our 27th in November! Just doesn't seem possible?...And what a cute son! My daughter Holly is 25???...A little matchmaking in our future?:)...& thank you for visiting this morning! I will be adding your name to the "giveaway"!...Have a great day!...Heidi Xo

Debbie said...

Thank you 3 for your wonderful wishes for us. We had a wonderful day and are still as happy as the day we were Married. My son is a joy to share this day with.



Miss Angie said...

Hey...congrats on your anniversary. I feel old finding out that Caleb was born the same year I graduated high school and now he has graduated...UGH!!! Oh, and thanks for stopping by my website..I need to post more, but I appreciate your comments!! Blessings and Hugs~
Miss Angie