Friday, July 11, 2008

day seven: title page and pretty post

Now that we are half way through our Summer Journals, it's time to create a title page. In this post we will be going backward and also forward a bit...but worry not, it's all good!

So now that our Summer Journals have a sense of style and personality about them, it's high time we move to the front of the journal and create a title page.

A title page serves as an introduction to the entire book. It gives the book definition and an introduction. It's typically clean and simple--lots of white space.

You create yours as you like. I chose to stay with that clean and simple notion. Some of the elements or techniques we have covered to date were incorporated into this title page. It helps us use those ideas again, and reinforce them a bit. It also can serve as a way to change them a bit, now that you've tried them once.

For this title page, I did the grid background and
built up from there. First a light pink wash of acrylic paint
was applied and then a grid was penciled in.

Next, I added a phrase: THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A WONDERFUL STORY. This is one of my all time favorite titles.
I doodled a framed label, placed on the left page, with my
Initials inside of it Viola!

Close up!

Full View.

What a fun journal this has been!!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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