Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Pictures added - Post long overdue

Back in March I attended a Altered Art and Scrapbook Retreat. We stayed in a beautiful cabin near Pinkneville, Illinois.

At this Retreat we made art muses. I was recently reminded that my friend, Paula, hadn't seen my muse. So I will post now for all to see.

This is my Faith Muse.

I am sorry the pic is alittle dark, but I believe if you click on the picture it should open so you can see it better. Here's another picture of it.

We took foam board and cover with tissue paper and then scrapbook paper. After everything was covered to your liking, we embellished the muse. I choose to add different embellishments that represented my Religion to me. I love looking at her hanging above my desk.

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paula clare said...

No clicky worky on the muse...I THINK I love it tho! (Close ups would be nice)LOL

Jennie said...

looks good , but a close would be nice :)