Wednesday, July 16, 2008

day ten: Telling Tall Tales

For day 10 we were to "keep our readers guessing". We were to create a layout telling 8 truths and 1 lie about ourselves. I glued scraps of papers down the edge of one page, painted a border on both edges of the pages. I doodle painted over the borders. Glued a piece of material to the lower left edge of the left paper that I had pinked with my pinking shears. I drew my banner on painted and added the title into it. A picture of the girl was added, and a lot of her features were outlined in a darker color.
I painted doodles into any open spaces that I had. Now you are suppose to guess which are the truth, and which one is the lie...Good luck!!! Post which one you think is the lie, thanks.
I cannot get the photo link to open, so I will list the 8 Truths or 1 Lie here so that you can read them.
1. I love Gingham material. 2. Springtime is my favorite time of the year. 3. My family loves my home made biscuits. 4. I love vintage buttons and trims. Once I purchased 12 lbs. of buttons off of Ebay. 5. I enjoy long walks with my husband and our dogs - Hollie and Kylee. 6. I love living in our trailer. 7. I hate retro- shag carpet (especially gold) 8. I enjoy camping with the family. 9. I have a new Cricut Expression Machine.
I typed them like they were written into my journal. At least you won't have to read from page to page.
Thanks for stopping by, Have a wonderful weekend,


Heather Robinson said...

What a fantastic idea! We play this game with our kids but I love to see it translated into artwork. Beautiful work.

Debbie said...

thanks Heather